Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

So it's 85 degrees outside with nary a cloud in the sky. Did I mention that I love Texas? Yeah, yeah, it'll be over 100 in late July/August, but that's what the POOL is for. For those on my flist who live in the temperate South (across north Texas, north of Gulf States, to SC) if you haven't already, you need to cut your roses 14 inches. Be mean to 'em! Keep in mind: 14 on Valentine's Day. Leave only two or three thick canes, and strip everything off. [ETA] Thanks, Julia: NEVER prune a climber until after it blooms, or you won't get any! But you do want to train them now, to get the hormones flowing for flowers...] And it's still a good time to put in trees, shrubs, perennials... Guess what I've been doing all day? ;-)

Update on the boy: I have him on this 2000 calorie shake thing (I keep singing out: You can reach your goals, I'm living proof. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE! My son doesn't get it, because he's only 9.) He has gained 6 pounds!! He needed 2 to not be hospitalized, so we are doing the groove dance here at Casa Stoney. Hence the outdoor plant fest. What? It's a kink.

Had a date with Mr. S, rekindled some barely simmering embers -yeesh- and drank, ate FANTASTIC sushi, found a new pub, slept in... 'Twas a lovely weekend. I owe feedback, will give tomorrow, and if you aren't reading julia_here's Irish Rose story, you should. It's a story that sticks to your ribs. Have a lovely rest-of-weekend! Plant a frickin' plant. Sweet Broom is lovely... :-)
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