Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

10 things lemming meme

Alright, Di. I did it.

10 things I have done that you probably haven't:

1. Made it to the top and back down of Angels Landing [Zion National Park] in under 2 hours. (Hit the next photo link to see the view from the top. I miss living in Southern Utah.)

2. Kayaked the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, went down a waterfall on accident, and only lost my shorts. Very glad I wore a one-piece that day.

3. EmCee'd the Miss Utah Pageant (be sure to check out Miss BEAVER) for two years and had to deal with farm girls in heels for the first time, a girl who fell OFF her heels, and a girl who sang her entire talent number (I wanna be loved by you) in the WINGS. 3/4 of the audience got up and walked to one side of the auditorium to try and peek at her. The best: a girl who's talent was.... Tied Quilts. I kept hoping someone would do algebra...

4. Delivered a baby without pushing.

5. Waited on John Ritter. He had soup and hot tea, read a book (brought a stack of 5) and tipped me $20.

6. Also waited on Dave Thomas (Wendy's) and he was rude and odd.

7. Had a TV show when I was 6. So what if it was PBS? *sobs at failure to "make it"* Hee!

8. Was the Inchworm kid. (Catalogue only)

9. Have slept with more than one boss. *finger coyly on mouth*

10. Was the youngest Master Gardener in Texas (ever) when I graduated.
[ETA: for duh and it's just too cool to leave off factor]
11. Met Jesse Jackson, arranged for NBC news and the NAACP to show up at my college since they had Confederate flags as the school symbol, and the lowest population of blacks in the country (And "their" dorm had a bomb planted that was - fortunately - found in time.) The school changed their mascot. The school was in UTAH. Wow.
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