Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

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JEEBUS. Been working on my mood theme for the better part of the afternoon. Apparently the tree effect (I am not comp lit, hush) isn't working on mine, so I'll have to enter in all 132 moods with their codes to make it work. Bleh. And... It's the same picture. But that's what makes it funny!!

I am Sofa King, Wee Todd It.

I am figuring out the banner bit next... Got the colors into a nice, soothing blue, which is pleasing to me. Funny: I know you are looking at my posts from YOUR page, so my layout is only important to me, and here I am talking and yammering about it. Huh.

I'm almost finished with the Silence of the Hams parody, and then I am doing nothing but catching up on all the fic I've been missing. uberaeryn, julia_here, karabair... I know you have all posted stuff, so has janedeavitt and others. I'll be pouring through the SU_Herald once the in-laws leave... Have a good weekend, everyone!
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