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Capitalism Ahoy!

I tried doing laundry yesterday when my dog alerted me to something amiss.  *Rolf!*  What is it boy?  *Rolf!*  Timmy's trapped in the well?  *Rrrrolf!*  Oh my god!  Water is pouring out of the washer and flooding the laundry room?  *licks ass*

I got every towel in the house to sop up the mess, then proceeded to use my trusty 15 piece ratchet screwdriver to take off the back panel and locate the leak.  Except you can't do that on my cheap machine.  You can take off the top, then the back, then the sides, then lift out the tub, then scratch your head and trip and fall all over the mess you've made.  Mr. Stoney came home and saw me wallowing in muck with machinery all around and succumbed to my sad face.  And I got a brand new washer and dryer today!!  Whee!  With lots of buttons and features.  And with pretty graphite/chrome!  So, get dirty and come over!  I shall clean you, and thereby clean the world...

To let him know how thankful I am, I plan on doing something akin to this:

Chapter 7
Geoffrey was talking about how important it was for mothers to be in the home.

"Cookie just loved her time with the kids, didn’t you, Mother?"

Cookie beamed at her husband with the surety that all was good and correct in the world.

Angel glanced at Buffy. "Buffy’s home, too. No little ones grabbing at her skirts, yet."

*Kind of hard to have kids when you don’t try and MAKE them, dumbass.* She smiled at the older couple.

"Oh, dear, just be patient. Your turn will come soon enough."

*Speaking of coming,* she snuck a look at her watch and saw she had just a minute to her deadline. "Cookie, Geoffrey, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to powder my nose."

"I’ll come with you. I think I might be shining a bit, too." Cookie struggled to her feet.

Buffy bit her lip and let the older woman lead the way. The ladies restroom upstairs had a bit of a line.

"Cookie, you go ahead. I’ll run downstairs and see if there isn’t a different powder room." She flashed a grin. "I don’t know that I can wait any longer." She bolted out the door and down the stairs, eyes searching for a blonde head in the crowd.

Spike was across the bar under a second set of metal stairs. He watched her fly down the other set, saw her pause on the landing looking for him. He thought she was the sexiest woman he had seen in his life. The fact that her husband was upstairs made her seem more desirable somehow. She saw him and came right to him, drawn like a magnet.

He took her hand and they retreated further under the stairs into the shadows. He fell onto her neck, hands reaching down to pull her skirt up. She was working on undoing his pants. When she got them open and took his cock in her hand, he turned her around and raised her arms to hold the girder supporting the stairs. He moved behind her and slid his hands up, flipping her skirt up and over her ass.

Spike began tracing the delicate bones of her spine with his tongue, hand moving between her legs. "So wet. God, so hot and wet for me. I want to fuck you, Buffy."

She let her head fall back, turned it and began kissing him urgently. He pulled her panties down just enough and entered her slowly. He slid his hands up her arms and held them up high over her head. She arched her back and pushed backwards, driving him in deeply. She found a support in front of her for one leg - she was about to fall over.

"I knew you’d come."

Buffy was doing her best to keep quiet. Spike saw her bite her lip and reminded her that this was a noisy place and no one could hear her. He reached around and began to stroke her clit while pumping into her and heard her start to cry out.

"Spike - oh - fuck - oh my god..."

He pulled her head back with one hand to stop her scream with his mouth.

"Did you - didn’t you?" She looked at him with her eyes half lidded with her lust.

"No, pet. Saving myself for later with you. See if I can’t sneak one in between dessert and coffee. Didn’t want to mess up your pretty little dress. Have to get back to your party, don’t you?"

With little kisses on her flesh, he helped fix her shoulder straps, straighten her hair, and pocketed her ruined panties. "Don’t need your wanker husband wondering what you’re squirming for, do we?"

She held him close to her and kissed him slow, her tongue familiar with his by now.

"Sweetheart, you best be off now. They’ll wonder what’s wrong with you, you bein’ gone so long. Give us a ring tomorrow, right?" He walked back to the bar to give her a moment to catch her breath and walk out alone. Buffy took a deep breath and then made her way up the stairs to her husband, trying not to notice the blue eyes following her every move.

Spike took a seat at the bar. "I think I’ll need two, mate." The bartender handed him two icy cold beers; one he drank, the other went between his legs.

********************* more at

Um, I promised him the naughtiness, not the running off to bang a stranger.  Oh, hell.  I'm just pimping myself, really.  Ha!


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