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Unnecessary PSA

First, I'm bouncing off the walls. 3 cups of coffee, a 5 mile walk, sunshine... HY. PER. That being said, here comes the PSA bit.

My middle child has HORRIBLE eczema. Poor thing. We keep it under control, but she had a terrible flare up recently, to the point where she looked like she had chicken pox. Found out one of her friends gave her some BONNIE BELL foamy purple soap crap, and she was using it in the shower instead of the stuff I have for her. It just proves my undercurrent thread in Silence of the Hams: Bonnie Bell is evil. If any of you have eczema (or kids with it) I've been using a product line from Arbonne - all plant based with essential oils, etc. In a matter of three days, her eczema is almost completely gone.

On a related note, Elidel (a prescription for eczema) was recently pulled off the shelves in Canada because it's causing CANCER in CHILDREN. sdwolfpup, I know you're nodding your head, you with your AHH. Also, one of the drugs evil Pediatrician tried on my son has been pulled in Canada because of STROKES in 6 YEAR OLDS. Adderall, BTW. Let's hear it for the Canucks and their smarts. Sheesh.

Wrapping up the last parody today (hopefully) then getting starterd on my Yinathon parody of Annie. I think they need to work in a Calcutta brothel for kids. "It's a hard cock life, for us." I'm a BAD person.

Lastly, am I the only one out there with hardcore Deadwood love? Because it starts up on Sunday and I'm SO HAPPY.
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