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Get your Legislation off my body

Just read that a bill is getting pushed through to bar hospitals from sending new mothers home with formula. Guess who's backing this? Breastfeeding advocate groups. Before you get your back up, let me say that every friend I have that breatsfed their children said it was beautiful, wonderful, a glorious bonding experience... Okay. And it's free. And studies show it's better for babies. yes, I know all of this, and I can agree with the statistics.


I didn't breastfeed. I find it gross. Sorry. I'm not saying I find YOU gross, if you chose to do it, but there was a mental block with me to do so. Then there was the little problem with my body not wanting to cooperate (Because, see, I read all the books, knew all the stats, and was going to force myself to do something I didn't want for the sake of my baby, but my body said "No.")

Then there was the little issue of the hospital withholding food from my newborn son for 24 hours, to encourage him to want to suckle, and put me in more classes with a bunch of strange women with their tits hanging out (I'm private with my body), plastic cups on my nipples to make them produce milk, and finally, FINALLY, when one of the La Leche women told me they could EXTRACT THE MILK FROM MY BREASTS WITH A NEEDLE AND DEPOSIT IT IN THE BABY'S MOUTH I yelled at them to give me a friggin' bottle.

Because I had every intention of breastfeeding when I went in to deliver (I also planned on natural childbirth, but the nurse looked at me and laughed, saying, "honey, didn't you know natural means 'no make-up?'" Ha!!) I didn't have any formula at home. The hospital sent me home with starter bottles, and enough formula to get me through the next several days. Thank you.

My most special memory (aside from the actual birth) of my son was 2AM every night for the first month. He'd wake up, little fist curled and flailing above the bumper pads of the crib, I'd gather him up, take him into the quiet of the kitchen, turn the dimmer switch so there would be just enough light to see by, and heat up a bottle. That one minute of waiting was my favorite. He would look up at me with his little mouth in a perfect O, eyes wide and bright, and my hair would curtain his face from everything else. Is this less special, or unhealthy for him because he waited one minute? Because he wasn't attached to my body? I'll say this: that boy has been sick three times in 9 years. You read that correctly. He wasn't harmed by having formula.

I have problems with one group who feel their way is the ONLY way pushing legislation onto my body and my choices. Feeding a baby formula isn't going to HARM the baby. Breastmilk is better (due to the immunities a baby can get, etc.) but that doesn't inherently make formula BAD. I was raised on bottles, as were my sisters because it was thought in the middle part of last century that breastmilk was BAD. And we three turned out alright.

I think everyone read the rant yesterday about not having sex with men who don't care about you and your choices to have a baby, based on legislation about abortion, sex ed, etc. This follows along, in my opinion. I am so tired of my government holding my hand on EVERY issue, as they see fit. This isn't like helmet laws (which I'm on the fence with, also) or not allowing people to drink and drive. This is legislature about something very primal with a mother, and they need to step away and spend their money on something more important, like, say... making sure poor kids get a free breakfast at school. How about that? Or... making sure that some of the mothers that leave the hospital know how to RAISE A CHILD? GET A JOB? EDUCATION?? Feh.

I don't need no stinkin' legislation at my tits or twat, thank you very much.
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