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I know that YOUR calendar says the 7th, but in New Zealand, it's already one of the most important days of the year: TODAY DOVIL HITS 30!

I mean, she's 23, with perky boobies and fabulous hair, which she really does have. According to surveilance photos.

In honor of her birthday, crazydiamondsue and I have a little party planned on LJ. We have a few fics (per Dovil's request from previous posts) and an icon, which I encourage you to use with wanton abandon. The sun is beginning to shine on her birthday morning, and so I give you the first fic: Threesome in Africa.

Request: I want to read a story where Buffy meets up again with Spike and Angel post NFA and there's talking and healing and beating drums in the forest and becoming one with the Earth Mother. Okay, that sounds dulls, maybe they can just all have sex instead. Yeah, that would work.

In the deep jungles of the Congo, she finds them. She had seen the smoke from their fire above the tree line before she was sure it was them. The bright of the full moon shines down on her boys, making them look like marble in their nakedness. The earth is thrumming with power here. She is not afraid. She may not be The One, but she is still One with power, and the earth knows this.

She steps into the circle of light from the fire and they turn to her. As Spike's eyes soften with regret, Angel's eyes harden with desire. Something else - from the look of it, she thinks. She unbuttons her top and lets it fall to the ground, and she steps out of her pants. She forgets about the clunky hiking boots she wore for her jungle-trek and she stumbles on the cuffs tangled about the soles. She looks up with a silly grin at her boys.

"Care to help a girl out?"

Both men step forward. Spike grabs her hand to steady her while Angel lifts her leg at the knee and untangles the clothing at her foot, then slides off her shoe.

"So. You guys get the same mystical message I did, huh? I was told to bring some weird oil and get naked when I found you. Since I wasn't sure if that was metaphorically get naked or what, I thought I'd jump the gun. Looks like you two thought along the same lines. So. Who wants to share?" Buffy is absentmindedly tracing along her taut belly with her fingertips

Spike makes a disparaging noise and says, "look. I know we were supposed to meet up, talk Mother Earth, healing, our futures and all, but we are naked, pet, and damned if I can't think of at least five things I'd rather do with you whilst naked than talk." Spike raises his hand in the air. "Who fancies a shag?"

Angel looks disappointed and pulls a very large object from behind a log. "But... I had to carry this mystical drum all the way out here."

Spike and Buffy look at him, dumbfounded.

"Fine. If we get sucked into some weird portal because we didn't use the drum, it isn't my fault."


"Okay. You boys sure know how to wear a girl out."

Angel was trying to keep his balance, his head resting on Buffy's, who was sitting on the drum, her legs wrapped around Spike's... um... face, who was (unnecessarily) breathing very hard and trying to keep from slumping over. Spike let out a deep laugh that rumbled on Buffy's inner thigh, making her squeak. Angel finally let himself fall over, satisfied. He just happened to fall so his head rested against Spike's thigh.

"Told you we better use the drum."

Spike let his hand rest on Angel's flushed face. "When you said ‘use the drum,' can't lie, mate. I had a completely different image in mind."

Update: all fics are located here for your ease of laughing. Happy Birthday, Toots!
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