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Last Post for Dovil Day! (um, because it's still her Birthday in my Time Zone)

I'm sure she is staggering to a cafe with an internet hub, drunk, hungover, exhausted. maybe a little SORE when she sits down? dovil? Did you have THAT kind of fun?

There was fic, snark, laughter, and a icon. In addition, I made a CD for you (If you haven't gotten your B-Day package yet, it should get there soon). I call it: What the Hell Dovil Did on her Birthday, Set to Music:

1. Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous There she is, getting all gussied up for a night out at the gay bar. Bet after she put her lipstick on, she kissed her reflection in the mirror.
2. The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like This is her dancing in the bathroom in her bra while her gay flatmates snicker, occassionally tossing out a "You go, girl! Mmm Hmm!"
3. James Brown - Super Bad Taking public transit to the gay bars is the SAFE way to travel. Let's boys know ahead of time that you'll need a ride home. If you catch my drift.

Download this group here, mirror is here

4. 'N Sync - Up Against the Wall Finds a cute boy, and does her "I'm willing and able" dance, forcing him, you guessed it. She is on her third drink at this point. It is spilling over the front of her shirt, but she's FIERCE on the dance floor!
5. Dueling Banjos NO!! Dovil!! That's your brother! Retreat! Retreat! Have a cup of coffee!
6. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb It's okay. LOTS of folks grind their asses into their brothers on the dance floor by mistake. It's okay. Shhh. Just a little pinprick....

Download this group here, mirror is here

7. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out Your flat mates are scratching their heads. Honey, you ARE out. Why is that needle hanging out of your arm? Why are you stomping to the dance floor and yelling something about a "dance off?"
8. Bjork - There's More to Life Than This Praying to the porcelain gods right about now. These stalls really are roomy, though.
9. Reverend Horton Heat - 400 Bucks What's a night out without a drunken scream-fest?

Download this group here, mirror is here

10. Sly and the Family Stone - Thank You Fa Lettinme Be Mice Elf The musical equivalent of "I love you guys"
11. B-52s - Strobe Light Well, now, who is THIS handsome stranger? (Honey, your tit is hanging out of your dress.)
12. Keane - Everybody's Changing Nice mellow song for passing out at the cab stand. "Trying to stay awake and remember my name"

Download this group here, mirror is here

13. Ray Charles - I'm Busted You really shouldn't have taken a hit off that water bong that undercover cop offered you. I thought you had an "in" with those guys? Only the angry gay ones? Pity.
14. Lavern Baker - Saved Time to clean up your act, sister! My god! How old are you? Little Southern Baptist rock out to get straight to. Hee!
15. Sister Hazel - It's All For You Because you do so much for us! Laughter is the BEST medicine, and at the current rate, you should be a billionaire!

Download this group here, mirror is here

Happy Birthday!!

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