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GIP! Oh, and stuff

My daughter's shark obsession is bleeding into my life everywhere I turn. Hee hee!! Dear, god, the REAL LIFE SIZED pic of the Great White leaping out of the water is HORRIFYING. If I was on a boat watching that, my wetsuit would be filled with my feces, and I'd be swallowing my tongue. Good bye, world. Go to and search for "flying sharks" to see all the pics. Dear. Lord. ANd the three year old just giggles. "Look how hungry Bruce is, Mom!" Weirdo.

Got to have sushi with somecandytalkin today. Whee! She's the KEEYOOTEST thing evah, and she didn't mind that I am a blabber mouth. There was talk of writing in the RW, gardens, food, and porn. Good times.

In less than 24 hours, crazydiamondsue and elcazavampiros will be first time home owners and christening every room in their house. Hooray! Put some friggin' curtains up, already!

On a final note, studies are showing that laughter really IS the best medicine. It helps your blood vessels stay open and clog free. So for all of you not reading me and giving me feedback, you're only hurting yourself. Hee!

[ETA:] Some Candy is extra nice because she didn't comment on the huge blob of soy sauce on my BOOB I apparently had all afternoon. Niiiiice. Also: anyone on my flist know the site Checkmated? I'm looking for a fic...
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