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Pic Spam!

Text before I blow your Dial-Ups to hell. So I was SUPPOSED to be flying up to Ann Arbor, Michigan today to visit my BF (who I miss TERRIBLY), but since I left the travel plans to my husband (I'm using his miles) he didn't pick the weekend I asked for. Guess when I'm flying out? EASTER WEEKEND. And it's a done deal. So, have fun kids! Dye those eggs with daddy! Not that I'm a Christian, my husband is - well, kind of - but the kids like Easter. But: I get to be in cold, blowy, ugly weather! For four days! Ha. It's going to be near 80 here. *cries* But I get to see my BF in the whole world, so life is good.

In gearing up for my trip, I've been going through photo albums and laughing about pictures. My BF's mom is my dream mom, and we like to hash out how terrible my mother is. (An aside: Joyce kills me, because she is my dream mom, too) No seriously, my mother is a HORRIBLE person. Without going into ugliness - that's not what this journal is about - I give you pictures of OMG and funny and awww.

Here's my older sis and me with our dog, Muffin. Do you see his eyebrow??? We left the back gate open one day and he ran away. Sad day in my house, let me tell you.

Ooh! Here's me being hammysilly at my wedding reception. My ex and I eloped in Vegas (classy) then had an Open House when we got back to Texas one month later. (Shh! I'm four months pregnant in this picture. Err, that's ecru, not white. Hee!)

Oh My God. My mom is wearing HER wedding dress to MY wedding reception. WOW!! Look at me!! Now, to be fair, it is from her third wedding. Or was it her fourth? HA HA HA!! In case you wondered where my self-centeredness comes from? That'd be my mom.

Here's me and my awesome sisters, both are on LJ. My older sister had just whispered to me: "Did you see Mom is wearing her wedding dress? Why is she such a bitch?" I think my younger sister is wondering why my mom is telling dirty jokes at my WEDDING reception in a very loud voice so people will look at her and comment on how lovely she looks. In her white wedding dress. At my reception. Confidential to Breath: I miss your long, blonde hair. Just sayin'...

I found this pic of me and my ex with my boy on a hike trip. I was about four or five months pregnant in this pic, too. Don't take pictures of me. It makes me pregnant. Huh? I am standing on a boulder, BTW. My ex was 6' 8". Niiice. Too bad he wasn't.

On my own... This is nine months after our divorce, just me and the two kiddos. GAH!! Aren't they the cutest?? I miss short hair. So easy to do...

Hee!! One of my favorite pics of me and Mr. Stoney. This was a fun office party in the CFO's backyard. They had a huge fort and swing set for people with kids, and fun stuff for grownups. Whee! I think this was the first official "outing" of us as a familial unit. I didn't expose my kids to men I dated (not many, it isn't fun dating as a single mom) but he and I knew we weren't going anywhere. Isn't he the CUTEST??? He came home today!! Weekend with my baby...

Pics!! I want to see pics of everyone. Indulge me. Make it a meme or something. Post a picture of yourself from ten years ago or whatever. Do it! I'm giddy and hyper today. Been walking a minimum of 6 miles everyday, feeling strong and healthy again. Sun is shining, the tank is clean... Life is good. *muwah!* to my Flist!
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