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When shit don't work - Stoney goes POSTAL

My spankin' new washer and dryer came today with their pretty buttons and LED screens.  Man sets up, man turn on, instructs me to let run for a cycle, then adios.  And the pretty screen gives me an error.  And buzzing happens.  I look through the manual and try again.  And more buzzing and errors.  And now water is coming out all over the floor.  For those of you following along, this is why I got new machines in the first place, water coming out of the old one.

And there were not voices whispering for me to "get out" or clouds of black flies on windows.  Is it possible for a new machine to have the SAME problem the old one did?  Maybe my sewer is backed up?  Had a nice plumber snake the line, no clogs.  The store I bought the new machine from said they'll bring me a new one.  Saturday.  That will mark 2 weeks since clothes have been washed here.  So I get to hand wash britches for us to wear so we aren't totally nasty.  (We live in a neighborhood that poo pooh's coin laundry, so the closest one is 35 miles away.)

On a side note, I got so bored last night that I watched Eurotrip.  What a craptastic flick!  SO painful to see little Dawny in such a shit-fest.  Am I the only one who thought the two male leads were about to makeout with each other?  And that that alone could have saved the flick?  WHat a completely terrible way to waste money.  Mr. Stoney and I are going to live up to the nickname tonight and then watch the first 2 LOTR back to back.  Mmm.  Legolas.  Orlando Bloom just doesn't look right without slicked back and ironed tresses...

Smell ya later!  (Unless you smell me first!  Jesus.)


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