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life is good. no, really, it is.

Lovely day today (aside from the wind - bleargh!) and I'm about to start my 8 mile walk. Hooray! Operation Bikini (or mom equivalent) is under way, I've been good, and I feel good. Yesterday on my walk I encountered a blue heron. 20 feet away, stock still, and as the stroller got near enough he took off, wide wings slowly flapping. Ahh!! Birds make me happy. Today I changed my path so I get to wander by the massive Brinkman Ranch and see if they are letting the foals into the arena. New horsies! All knees and bounce! I am such a girl. But fuzzy noses and baby talk! Of course, the mares won't let you anywhere near the babies, but I can see them and watch them kick the soccer balls in the arena and giggle...

I loved seeing your pics (those of you who spammed me, or your LJs at least). I checked out my userinfo and saw that I have new friends! *waves hello* Have gone on a massive friending spree, so feel free to comment and let me get to know you. If you haven't commented here before, pop in, say hello.

On a side note, I get to see somecandytalkin tomorrow for jazz, nibbles, and plants. Woot! Also, crazydiamondsue is up to her elbows in her new house! I'm so happy for her and Caza: first time home owners and it is so CUTE. violethamster nominated my fic, Lubed! The Musical for the Nancy Award at atsawards! Hee! That absolutely made my day.

If you aren't reading julia_here's fic "Irish Rose" you are missing out. Lyrical, historic, dark, and lovely. It reads like a novel, which is probably why I save up mutliple chapters to read at once. She puts up new chapters on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I've obviously had my three cups of coffee, so I'm off to burn off this excess energy. Have a lovely day!
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