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GRUMPY. Harumph.

Crab-bee this morning. Stayed up too late, fretted over nonsense. Need more coffee. Read in the paper my BIGGEST pet-peeve word misusage. (Awkward much? Hence the grumpy - words are my enemy today!)

Re: MJ molestation case (blech.) "The boy's credibility has really been impacted." Wrong word? IMPACTED. First of all, BAD TASTE in a boy's molestation trial. Because the word means wedged or packed in, so as to block or fill an organ or passage. Or is used to refer to bones or teeth.

Now the lawyer could have said: "The boy's statement will surely have a negative IMPACT on his testimony."

Nit picky, to be sure. But still. I'm hearing that used incorrectly all the time and it drives me nuts. Bleh. Second runner up would be the misuse of POISONOUS/VENOMOUS. You bite it, get sick, POISONOUS. It bites you, you get sick, VENOMOUS.

Okay, I'm going away now. Nothing to see here. Move along...
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