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So THAT'S why I was pissy. Gotcha.

Apparently I needed to get the following ficlet out. And the porn is not helping all the way. *curses Mr. Stoney's travel schedule*

It's baddirtywrongRPS, but I just can't help myself. I'm all about the VK pr0n lately.

Title: Slag Heap - Private Lessons
Author: Me
Pairing: James/Vincent (I know! I can't help it. My fevered brain says it's TWUUU!)
Rating: if it was fair, R. MPAA would say NC-17
Summary: You know that play VK is starring in on Broadway come (snerk) April? James is soooo proud of his boy. And James is method, so he'd want VK to have a few "prostitute-esque" moments to feed from.
Disclaimer: You shouldn't believe anything I say. Especially when I say I own these people. Hell, they don't even own themselves.

Slag Heap - Private Lessons

He always felt like was going to wet himself right before the curtain went up. Other people got butterflies, he felt like taking a piss. He jumped up and down while he waited in the wings, feeding off the buzzing from the audience taking their seats.

Where is he?

Vincent scanned the crowd looking for James. He looked towards the aisle seats - James would want his presence known. He liked to feign surprise at being recognized but Vinnie knew better. There. Vinnie stretched his neck out as far as he could without letting the audience see him. James was sitting about nine rows back from center, on the end, legs sprawled and sticking out into the aisle.

Ass. Vinnie grinned to himself and felt his heart rate slow. The lights dimmed. He got into place for his entrance from stage left. He heard his cue and walked out. The strong lights hit his face and he couldn't see beyond the stage. He didn't want to. He began.


The cast was humming, singing, talking too loudly - still using their stage voices. Vinnie sat in his chair, unable to see his whole reflection in the mirror to remove his makeup. A large vase filled with lilies (star-gazer), asters, ferns, and gladiolas dominated the small table in front of him. He held the accompanying note with one hand, a tissue stained with mascara and part of his lipstick in the other.

Out back. Right after. You're a star. Did you know? -J

Vinnie put the card into his duffel under the makeup table. He stood and made for the restroom, accepting hand claps to his back, nodded thanks to his castmates, and slipped out the back door to the alley. James was waiting. James knelt down and stuck a pebble in the door frame so Vinnie wouldn't be locked out. Vinnie crossed his arms and leaned against the cool brick wall. "What did you think?"

James smirked. "Fucking brilliant. Did you see me?"

"Yeah. Saw you before I went on stage. Got the flowers."

"Figured. You're here, right?"

A few beats of silence. Vinnie began to wonder why they were here. He started to get nervous. He looked down at his shoes and James moved in, mouth hot and urgent. James took Vinnie's hands and raised them up and against the brick wall, crotch grinding against belly. James breathed against his ear, whispering, "You're a star. Fucking star," and let his hands wander up the boy's shirt.

Vinnie dropped his hands to his pants and undid his laces, allowing his pants to fall to his knees. He pushed James away slightly, took himself in his own hand, stroked himself and said, "Do it. Make it nice, Jay."

James got onto his knees, ignoring the crunch of the pebbles and broken glass on the concrete. One hand snaked around to cup Vinnie's ass, the other splayed flat against the trimmed curls above Vinnie's erection, thumb lifting it up into James' mouth. James licked its length and drew it in noisily into his mouth, knowing Vinnie liked to hear himself being sucked off.

Vinnie began rocking back and forth into James' wet mouth, while James let his right hand reach under to cup Vinnie's balls, letting his long middle finger relax and stroke the soft skin behind them, almost penetrating the boy's tight hole. Vinnie's eyes were squeezed shut. He liked to hear, not see. He relaxed his fists and stopped pounding the wall, letting his fingers grip the brown curls James had finally let grow.

James sucked him hard and deep into his throat, paying special attention to the underside of the head with his tongue. The cool air made clouds out of Vinnie's moans and gasps. He felt himself ready to blow, and his legs began to tremble. Without missing a beat, James nudged his shoulder under Vinnie's leg to hold his slight weight. Vinnie fell over, holding on to his lover's head, cradling it, and cried out "Baby, fuck... God, yes."

As Vinnie caught his breath, James ran his hands up and down the backs of the boy's thighs, eyes shut and cheek pressed against belly.

"You coming tomorrow?"

I now have bumblebee socks on, and a pink smoothie. It is now impossible for me to remain in a bad mood.
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