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A nonsensical rant. But Jeeezus!!

I want a bra that holds my tits in place. I want a bra that is pretty as well. I do NOT want a bra that is made to be instantly taken off. you know: the bras that look good when you lean back and arch, but you couldn't actually walk around or function in your day to day tasks without slipping out of it. I want a bra that costs under 25 bucks that holds my friggin' boobs INSIDE the cups. I do NOT want to lean forward and have my boobs spill out of the front top of my bra. I do not need a huge freakin' gap between the cups. Hey! My body is different! My boobs are close together: up front and center. I need CUPS THAT HOLD MY BOOBS IN THEM.

Oh, I've bought the 60 dollar bras before. And they last through about 10 wearings. And I swear to god, if I find one more bra (bathing suit tops - you are not exempt in this rant!) over a C cup with PADDING in it, I may resort to others' bodily harm. I HAVE ENOUGH. Don't need extra, thanks.

Granted, I probably SHOULD wear a DD. But. Tell me a manufacturer (not Fredrick's - uh... Let's just say itchy and made for girls with plastic boobs that don't MOVE.) that makes a 32DD (and costs less than 25 bucks.) Go on! Find them. I can get a 34DD (if I look for three hours and under the rugs) but the cups are so large, and the straps are so wide that they cut into my skin. I have been made to bleed from such a bra.

Silly, self indulgent rant, but I just spent three hours with bored kids in the department store trying to find an over-the-shoulder boulder-holder. Success? No. Sports bra? Check. Uniboob? Unfortunately, check.

I swear. If balls came in a variety of sizes, men would have all kinds of support options for their junk.

[ETA] Looking at Spock all enraged has calmed me down. Vulcan power, baby.
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