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TERRIFIC article in the Dallas Morning News today about the madness of motherhood. Timely, no? I've never been (or wanted to be) a Soccer Mom. Apparently the type of parenting I do is Old School, say, from the 50s and 60s. I'm a Cocktail Mom! Hee!!

Our motto? "Y'all go on out and play."

Do you give your kid Benadryl before long road trips? Do you kick your kids out of the house early in the AM with the directive to not come back in until dinner time so you can see your house clean for a brief period? Have you ever sent your child to the store for tonic water and limes? *snicker* Welcome to the club. You do not mistake your kids for your friends or peers. You let kids figure it out instead of butting in. You realize that you have earned the priveledge of being an adult, entitled to pleasure and privacy. AMEN, sistah!

And the best thing from the article: "[You know] that mom's anger is God's way of giving children helpful feedback when they're being obnoxious."

Today is the lovely sangueuk's birthday. SHE is the one who turned me on to Connor last year. Punk, rap, motherhood, fabulousness... That is my Sanguelina. I have a music post full of downloads coming up later just for you! I wish I new how to do the poinging letters and sparklies... You deserve sparklies!
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