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Well, I'm packed, waiting for my hair to dry, and my flight is on time. Heading up to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and if the cold doesn't kill me *cries* I'll be back late Monday PM.

OMG, it's supposed to be 80 in Dallas today. There's still ice and snow on the ground... So I shouldn't pack capris, huh? Meeting inlovewithnight for lunch tomorrow, she promises the cutest shoes EVAH. I promise to be wearing many layers.

I'll miss wishing kimberly_a a Happiest of Birthdays, so I'll do that early: Happy Birthday!

Kisses, hugs, don't be prolific over the weekend as I'll be without the intrawebnet. *boggles at the thought*

Oh! one last thing to think of: why don't the shipwrecked folks on LOST catch some of those boars, build a pen out of metal scraps, and raise some piggies as insurance they will always have food? Sun was smart making the garden (that's my girl!), so I don't get it.
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