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GIP! It goes with last night's post. Hee!

It is so beautiful today! High of 78° expected, faint breeze, blue skies... Gonna get the rest of my poppies (poppies will be their poison! Sleep... sleep...) in the ground, gonna walk 7 miles today, gonna sketch out the Connor/Dru fic I've been thinking of... Huh? Yes. THEY BELONG TOGETHER. Oh! And I have an Illyria/Evil!Willow fic that is begging to be put down. Like a dog. Or on paper, we'll see.

Everytime I visit my BFF, I get into a fit of extreme health (one of the things I love about her) and get motivated and happy. I weighed myself after getting back from my trip (chronicled in excrutiating detail yesterday) and lost four pounds. Woot! She did that to me when we went on a cruise. I may be the only American in history to lose weight on a cruise. Ah, the vegan life. Fun to visit, but.... I like the meat. Mmmm. :-D

For those who watch Deadwood on my flist (and those that aren't, MY GOD!! You are missing out on one of the best shows, PERIOD.) am I the only one that has noticed that the assistant to George Hearst, Mr. Wolcott, is played by the same actor who played Jack McCall, the murderer of Wild Bill? Now that's some acting range.

Have a lovely day, be good to yourself, eat something leafy, stretch your limbs.... Uh... do the hokey pokey.... Read a good book....

*runs away*

[ETA] *runs back* Uh... Does anyone know what happened to mirasol? I don't like seeing that line through her name, and she just commented in my LJ yesterday! Anyone?
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