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GIP! And a sorta-drabble

Dude, this is my first try at a manip, so don't look too closely. But I loveses it, yessss. And as I cannot get the thought of Drusilla and Connor out of my head, I've been attempting to articulate it somehow...

This is more like an introduction to where I'm going.... Spoilers: The summer between AtS S3 and 4.

Family - The Ties that Bind

He's wriggling about like a worm on a hook. Daddy liked hooks. One time he made a party for me and put my sweet Willy on his hook and there was music and games and party hats. And Grandmother sat behind us laughing and called us a real family now. But we aren't a real family anymore. Oh, we are broken and scattered and smashed and alone... Daddy left me the once, but I had my Spike then. And then Grandmother left us because her heart was broken about Daddy. And then I had to leave my Spike and I didn't have a family anymore. But Miss Edith told me that Grandmother was back and she was going to be my baby. And then there was a Very Bad Daddy.

But Daddy is all silver and grey and wavy and the algae creeps up and over the glass 'til he can't see the fishies making their faces. And I have a brother.
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