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An amazing day

The world is coming to an end.  How do I know?  Because it is only 85 F in Texas, and it is almost August.  By all rights it should be a triple digit day.  So natch, I think the world is ending.  (Isn't Bush as President foretold in the book of Revelations as a sign of the apocolypse?)

Everyone is eating lunch, so I have come in to play on my mah cheen.

Tristy (not her real name) and I decided the worst way to die is:

BTW: Tristy's husband lived in West Africa for several years and witnessed this.
The worst way to die is being covered and subsequently eaten by a horde of
driver ants from Africa.  They're about an inch long, and they move in a
foot-wide/a hundred foot-long procession over the land and can cover and
eat anything in their path that can't get away fast enough.  The cause
of death is suffocation by invasion.  Imagine your lungs completely full
of ants.  AAAAAAAAA!  I read about these jerks in my insect book when I
was about 6.  Mr. Tristy (not his real name) said he saw them in Africa, and he said he could hear them before he could see them: you hear this loud
clicking/scurrying noise, and then here they come.  STAMPEDE!
So that beats being eaten partially by a shark and drowning from your wounds.

I welcome all challenges to this scenario.  Now back to happy fun outdoors day.  Wheeee!


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