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I had a garden party yesterday so I was busy busy pulling weeds, pruning, rushing to the nursery and spending ridiculous amount of money on much needed plants to impress my friends, who ended up drinking themselves silly and proclaiming everything beautiful. But... now my flowerbeds are purdy!

Mojitos are delicious and make you have yummy drunk breath. All of this means I wasn't on-line yesterday which means I missed:

But. I got drunk with friends, sat in the warm sunshine and came away with new plants. Whee!!

Today I am hiding from my husband who is playing "construction worker," and not in that fun, sex-game way. He has decided to climb onto the roof of our 2-story house and replace A SHINGLE that blew off. He had me rig an elaborate system of knots around a pair of shingles to hoist up there. I love my husband, but he's, um... a bit soft when it comes to DIY type things outdoors. I'm sitting in my office (under him) and waiting for the inevitable *thumpthumpGAH!* of his slipping off the roof into my flower beds. I will hurt him further if he smashes my David Austin rose. (Why do you need hiking boots on the roof? Um, maybe a flexible sole would be better for gripping? No? Fine. Make your own damn splint when you need one.)

I'm off for my sunshiney 7 mile walk. He's climbing down now... *whew*

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