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EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I know, Spock! I know!!

Today started off crabby (well, no, it didn't, but I went for my walk and got BLOWN OVER by the wind, and Emily started to cry and I had two miles left. BAH!) and in a way that was a good thing because I'm working on my Connor fic (S3-early4 Connor: he's wound a bit tight) so grumpy is good, BUT. I got something LOVELY in the mail today!!

hellziggy sent me a CD as a thank you for the CD I made her last winter, but hers is SO MUCH better than mine was!! And accompanying the CD?


And a Pressed Fairie™ card that shall be iconized because I heart me some Pressed Fairies™.

And I had a delicious veggie sammich on 7 grain bread, and I'm baking a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and and and... WHEEEE!! Today is lovely! Buds, blooms, froggie socks! I took some pics of my Japanese maple (the weeping variety) and my fantastic orange rose (species unknown: double bloom, Grandiflora, will post pics when I get them) that has One Perfect Bloom right now, and many more to follow.

If you were having a bad day before, stop it. Come by and I'll give you a slice of lemon cake and a cup of Joe.

And Sue likes my Crusilla fic so far and said it was "elegant and creepy" and I didn't have to pay her to say it this time! Hopefully that will go up later tonight... "It's a fine day, people are happy..."
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