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I want to make today a National Day of **** It.

(In case you are at work or something. I'm nice like that. Not really.)
Today is National (International? Alrighty then.) Fuck It Day. (Can use the alternative name of "Sweep the Leg" Day.)

  • I had a deadline last night with my editorial job. Fuck it. LOST was on.

  • I am supposed to meet a quasi-friend for lunch today and show her my wares for potential buying. Fuck It. It's windy outside.

  • I am supposed to have some bags and blankets made for my SIL's new baby. Fuck it. She calls me creepy, my house creepy, my interests creepy, then took our crib, high chair, stroller, car seat, maternity clothes and no thank you. Fuck it.

  • I have a pile of ironing that wants to be finished. Fuck it. Just, you know. Ironing.

  • I have a half-finished fic on my hard drive WAITING for me to finish it. Ah. There it is. THAT'S what I'll do today.

Mr. Stoney had to work late last night and didn't get back to his hotel until AFTER Lost. Poor Mr. S. Anyone have the ep dowloaded and (if so) can you "yousendit" to me? (Thanks, slackerace!) I get nervous at the bittorrent sites because I'm Sofa King Wee Todd It. And I want to re-watch the EXACT moment Boone's soul climbs into the Baby Shell. I'm hanging on to this theory. Because it makes me laugh.

Finally, I read this while drinking my coffee and it made me so, so happy. This. THIS is everything I aspire to be as a writer. It's the gratuitous use of "chilling" and "watershed" that please me most of all. "You're the BEST! Around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!"

Love, Stoney-San.
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