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Subject headers are for pussies

Good morning!!

The evil SIL (evil because she told me my house was creepy, my neighborhood is creepy, took all of my maternity clothes, crib, stoller, car seat, didn't invite me to the baby shower, expects me to make my usual litany of baby items and not ONCE has said thank you. Nice.) had the baby. So, we are heading down to Austin in a few hours to see the new baby boy. BABY BOY!! Which pleases me. Now. For those of you who have had children, listen to this:

Had a C-section, unplanned. Been five days. They are going to a party tonight. With the baby. O_O. WHAT?!?! We asked them if her doctor knew (I mean, can the woman even go to the bathroom yet without crying?) and they pooh-pooh'd that. We offered to watch the baby and let THEM go instead. Because new frickin' baby! Germs! Hello! And it's not like she's really healthy and bounced back. She drank (alcohol and coffee - not like a glass of wine, either. Like DRINK drink.) during her pregnancy, wouldn't eat fruit or vegetables, never exercised... WTF? And that makes me sad for the little baby. Can't you suck it up and think about your new baby? BAH.

But again: new baby. And that makes me happy. I love me some newborns. So my plan is to shut up, speak when spoken to, and hold onto little Tommy (ahh!!) as much as possible. Plus, I get a break for the night as my kids are heading off to my folks' house for a sleepover. So 6th Street later! Woot!

Something else that pleases me: since we are going to see the baby now instead of next weekend, there is a slim chance I could fly up to NY next Saturday and hook up with the Slag Heap Whores and see VK on Broadway (off-Broadway, but shhh.) OMG!! That would be so awesome. We'll see. It may be stressful to swap at the airport again, as Mr. Stoney is traveling a bit longer next week. If not, I'll meet up with a few of those girls in September... plus: dovil in September!

I have a few fic recs: sweptawaybayou wrote a HOT RPS with CK/DB/VK if you are into HOTNESS, and I know you are. For those that don't like RPS, shhh. Trust Stoney. It isn't invasive like some can be. euro_fics wrote a hilarious and REALLY GOOD B/A/S that will please both the Bangels and the Spuffies. Oh, and anyone who likes to read good, funny, hot fic. And some weirdo (stoney321) wrote a fic about Drusilla coming after Connor that might be thought of as really good. And I hear she's a little down on her writing and thinks she isn't very good, so maybe you could drop her a little feedback. Or so I hear. :-)

And for the record, yes, I know I'm a whore.

Gonna go exercise, pack the kidlets up, then head off to play with a new baby! There may be a REALLY fun post tomorrow. crazydiamondsue, if you read this, I am NOT fighting! I'm a lover not a fighter!
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