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Health, happiness and HUNGER

Man, what a productive day. Built onto a flower bed (bed is now 3 ft x 25 ft) and I am broken. My body: she is broken.

Yesterday I ripped up all the sod, tilled in 80 pounds of compost, then passed out last night in front of Veronica Mars. (eee!) Today I planted:

  • winter savory (2)

  • bluebonnets (21)

  • creeping rosemary (5)

  • blue salvia (3)

  • obedient plant (1)

  • gladiola bulbs (5)

  • yellow rose (1)

  • navy/baby blue iris (7)

  • spirea (1)

  • poppies (will be their poison) (10)

  • cosmos: orange (10), yellow (3), pink (3)

  • red salvia (1)

  • artemesia (2)

  • chameleon plant (2)

  • society garlic, variegated (1)

  • sedum, autumn joy (1)

  • sedum, mexicanus (1)

  • spanish lavender (1)

  • Texas yellow primrose (1)

  • Persian sheild (1)

I am frigging tired. Have eaten well all day. My goal for the past few weeks has been to eat 7 servings of veggies and 4 servings of fruit a day, and I've been at it... Measured myself today and have lost an inch all over! WOOT! Operation Bikini Ready is still on, and will hopefully end in sucess.

Tonight is Lost, black-bean pizza (Boboli bread shell, schmear of salsa, drained can on black beans, layer of monterrey jack cheese and diced tomatoes on top. YUM!) and hot hot soak in the tub. Maybe some cucumbers on the eyes. Maybe I'll eat them. I know this: I'm too pooped to work on any of the WIPs I have. Crap. But pretty garden! Exercise! *shuffle*

Lemme know if I've missed something in your journal, or elsewhere. Oh!! sdwolfpup has a "fandom shame" vid on her LJ and it's hilarious! Buffy Season 7 as set to "La Resistance" from South Park. Hee!! love you all!! *feeds everyone jumbo tomatoes with fresh basil from my garden*
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