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Happy to be a Dem, scared of the Repubs in my neighborhood

Finished watching the DNC tonight, and made my husband watch Fox news to witness their bias.  He didn't believe me until tonight!  Fuck you  Greta Van Sustern and your face that looks like you got a pinch betwixt the lip and jaw!  Jesse Jackson was so awesome at keeping her on subject and not taking her shit.

I went to a college in the West that had a fucking CONFEDERATE flag and soldier for their mascot.  I'm a tenth generational Southerner, and the sight of that horrible thing gives me the heebie jeebies.  I know what it means, and those folks out there didn't.  I rallied a group together to get it changed, I got death threats, I called Jesse who was at an NAACP rally in Vegas, and he offered to send out news crews.  He couldn't come as he was giving a speech, but he sent his daughter and Coretta Scott King!  Fantastic people who made me shake and barely be able to life my eyes.  Needless to say, we got the school mascot and flag changed, and the world didn't come to an end!  Long and short: I like Jesse.  I like freedom for EVERYONE, not just rich, white fat fucks.

Speaking of fat white fucks, my neighbors (who are a shirt collar away from being true rednecks) noticed I was watching the clock tonight.  They figured out I was waiting for the DNC to start, and starting spewing their shit about how Republicans are the only ones who care about this country, blah blah blah.  How "fucking liberals and fags" are ruining everything that is great about America.  I wondered if their idea of what is great is fag bashing and driving over immigrants in their F-250 Duely.  Is that what y'all think is so great?  But I didn't say anything.  I just came into my house and witnessed greatness.


These are also the same neighbors who hinted around that they would be interested in a three-way with me.  IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND.  Now if they were hot, that would be one thing.  But we're talking overweight red heads, tucked in T Shirts to faded denim shorts, braided leather belts, and socks and top siders.  How does Juvenile sing it?  UHN!  I like it like that.  Blech.  Why do the hot chicks not offer the three-way?  I have great tits, small waist, long blonde hair...  I'm a babe!  Ha ha.  Wasn't I talking about politics?  It always devolves into sex.  Or at least it should!



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