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A Poll!! And a hilarious link. Would I lie?

I have consulted my calendar and realize that my offer of having people out to stay at my house and see Star Wars Episode III was off by a week. Mainly: if we push it ahead, we have the bonus of everyone who goes to Gay Rodeo with crazydiamondsue can carpool down to my place, and bonus of kids having a sleep over, which means:

Kegger! We can get trashed Sunday night, stay up watching the SW marathon all night, then go see the flick in the morning of Monday, May 30. DUDE!! So much fun can be had. (this is extended to my and Sue's flist only. Unless I know you , you know?) So now: POLL.

Poll #477561 Why I Will Or Will Not Come And Be The Kewlest Kid EVAH

I, (state your name),

will come on May 30th or the day prior and spend the night and have a blast to be remembered through the ages.
will not come because I secretly am jealous and have my petty revenges, don't I? And I'm allergic to a good time.
would like to come but the reasons I can't would make the Baby Jesus cry.

I want to tell you something about you. Or possibly me. In that box below. Here I go.

Now. I am incredibly happy that this guy is my dad's friend. For the love of God, check out the Latter Day Saints link. Or any of them. When you're there, right click, save as.

Last: for those that had kind thoughts re: my kid, the brat child is moving to a new school in less than 35 days, the teacher is on it, and I have the "Oh, Shit" paddle ready to go if anyone messes with my kid. Luff you ALL.

[ETA] I DON'T LIVE IN WACO, JULIA. >:| Hee hee!!
[ETA2] Best. Text fill-ins. Ever. My flist is the BEST!!
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