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Time to let it go...

Dear Thin Mints:

We've loved/hated each other for a long time, haven't we? I used to horde you, store you in my freezer, then sneak out of my bed and eat half a sleeve while you were still half-frozen. I've sprinkled you on baked brownies, looked longingly at your happy, green box, and bounced on my toes when I see a group of 8 year old pimps Girl Scouts selling you at $3 a box.

But it's time I let you go. It's just... Well, I can only buy you one time a year. And I buy a LOT of you. You know the part about the freezer? And quite frankly, I've moved on. No, no, not Samoas or Do-Si-Dos. I'm not like that - I wouldn't go for family. See, York Peppermint Patties now come in a cookie form. So: I get a York Peppermint on top of a mint-chocolate cookie. Surely you can see that it's all that I've wanted in a dessert cookie...

No hard feelings?

Oh, and I want my records back.


PS: You know that thing you do? How you think it's cool? You really should stop.
My stupid nice and generous neighbors decided they didn't want a tree today and let me dig it up. An Acer palmas "Inuba Shiduri." (A specialty Japanese maple) It's a $600 dollar tree and is GORGEOUS. Weeping. So red it's practically black. Suckers. So I'm super sore and loopy.
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