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Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh... you say it's Sue's birthday!?

Happy birthday to my crazydiamondsue!!</font>

Me you long time.

First off, this is an icon that I want everyone to spread around and use to celebrate the Birthday-love. Go on! Pimp my girl's b-day!! The other is for you, Sue, under the cut.


Is for you, Sue.

Now, you should have in your hands today a few CDs from me. In case you wonder why the hell I picked what I picked, lemme tell you:

CD 1: All Grow'D Up, or: Why I Left Porrum, OK

1. Aimee Mann-Nothing is Good Enough Well? Self-explanatory.
2. Radiohead- Paranoid Android Aside from being a fantastic song, "what's there??" And "the fighting... the vomit... God loves his children." I mean, that's Sunday after a heated baptist preaching, am I right?
3. The Stone Roses-Fools Gold Okay, this is just from the time you left HS and were wanting to move on in your life. And I think you're cute when you dance around. Plus, I know you have a yen for late 80s early 90s grooves.
4. Taj Mahal-Further On Down The Road Not a new road, just a ways yonder is OKC.
5. RHCP-Higher Ground Hee!
6. The Church- Under the Milky Way COntinuing with your love of that period, and you never can escape the church out there, can you?
7. Cocteau Twins-Carolyn's Fingers Um, just a cool song. :-D
8. Julian Cope- World Shut Your Mouth I know you're fiesty when you wanna be.
9. Sinead O'Connor-Mandinka Another small town girl with something to say.
10. Sonic Youth- Kool Thing Because you ARE.
11. Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians- Balloon Man Maybe the nicest, bounciest break-up song ever. And now you have Caza!
12. Worl Party-Put the Message in the Box Is it wrong that I hear Brad Pitt whining, "What's in the booooox?" Also, this is another song from one of your fave times.
13. XTC-Dear God Someone's questioning...
14. They Might Be Giants-Ana Ng You might be a giant. Critically acclaimed, yet where is the BNF title? WHERE, SUE?!
15. Peter Gabriel- I Have The Touch Because you are the best friend EVER. You just calm everyone down, make everyone feel good.... You are just awesome.
16. Tripping Daisy-I Don't Know This band makes me think of your kitchen. I don't know either. Must be the yellow.
17. Elvis Costello & The Attractions-Everyday I Write The Book *points to you* That's you! Except with an electric typewriter. Or boxing gloves.
18. Barbara Streisand-Stoney End Heh heh. I'm so narcisisstic. ANd perhaps a bit of foreshadowing? I will be your DOWNFALL.

CD2 - Laura and Sue Love

1. 'N Sync- Girlfriend Hee!!
2. Vince Guiraldi Trio-Linus and Lucy You're philosophical and stalwart, and I'm the bitch with her nose in everything. It's like they KNOW us.
3. Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E *sobs uncontrollably, hides from tranquilizer darts* I LOVE YOU. Hee!
4. Pink Floyd - Us & Them goes without saying.
5. Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria - Stoneh Heh. But honestly, this is a group of natives singing in their original dialect, being supportive, funny and introspective women. Perfect! And they are one of the best vocal groups around.
6. PM Dawn- If I Wuz U I'd have more sex and free time. I thought we had the same 24 hours! How do you manage that, Sue?
7. Thelonius Monk- Nutty Hee!
8. Joe Cocker- With a Little Help From My Friends *sniff*
9. The Beatles-When I'm Sixty-Four *sniffs harder*
10. Zero7- Simple Things Basically, you and Caza are going to want to get nekkid to this song. Gar-Un-Tee.
11. The Smiths-Golden Lights You'll get famous and forget about me. And I'll tell bad stories about you to the press.
12. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Daddy Could Swear (I declare!) Your dad and my mom.
13. Nat king Cole - Our Love Is Here To Stay Maybe I shouldn't have made this public... I'm not a stalker, I swear.
14. Jet - Look What you've Done Back to the famous and forget me, and the blackmail. Who said blackmail? That's such an ugly word...
15. Keane-Somewhere Only We Know Let's change this from outdoors to a cool gay club. Fits with your likes so much more...
16. Moby- Quiet Piano A nice song for you to mellow to.
17. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here *Sniff* *toke*
18. Maurice Durufle-Sanctus from Requiem If this doesn't make you stand up and holler, nothing will and your heart is stone. I know you'll get chill bumps and get inspired for something. Not saying what...
19. Wojciech Kilar- The Portrait of A Lady Because you are, darlin'.

Luff you!! Happy birthday.

If anyone has any birthday things for Sue, I'm making a master link from here - feel free to spam!
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