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I've decided that everything that occurred today after 10:43am (CST) does not count, and as such, we all have an extra day. Or me, at least. The good thing today was Sue's B-day fun. But her package didn't arrive, so it isn't official. Poop. Ran out of coffee... Plus, it rained, so no exercise, which means I feel weird, like I've forgotten something.

Was woken up from a terrific dream about VK, no resolution, so wonky brained. On my period. Diet off the shelf. *drinks Coke and eats chips* So, today doesn't count.

But. I have decided that those that are braving the trip to my house in May (Memorial Day weekend, Sunday through Monday) to watch Star Wars, Episode III in the sweet DLP theater as George Lucas intended are getting treats. A cool Iron-On, and maybe packets of Tang™ if I can find any. Here's a sample. There will be more than one. Don't you wish you were coming? There's still time.... And again: today didn't count.

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