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Isn't this better than my kids trying to sell you peanut brittle or gift wrap paper?

Now, normally I only solicit in the Red-Light district, but since I've seen other people mention their charities online, I guess I don't need to feel weird. I mean, you COULD just skip over this post and let children die in the street, right? But then, how would you live with yourself? HOW??

Heh. Mr. Stoney's company is raising money for Junior Achievement, which is a national organization, but functions on a local level. They raise funds to help under-priveledged (read: poor and from broken homes) gain a better education, specifically: literacy and math skills. As they get older, job skill training is integrated to give them a chance to make something of themselves. It's a terrific organization, and the best thing is the company will match the funds we raise! If you have 5 or 10 (or whatever works for you) dollars to spare, go to this link and make a donation.

If you are unable to give monetarily, but are looking for a good volunteer organization, check out Junior Achievement in your town. Or you know, help the world deteriorate one child at a time. :-D
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