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This could be a part of History!

Or we may get asassinated.  If so, it's been nice.  We are headed to Crawford, TX in a few hours to witness the first viewing of Farenheit: 9/11 in Bushie's town (where it hasn't been playing).  Michael Moore is going to be there, and so is the Pres!  Not THERE there, but in his little home away from the job.  Have you heard about this?  If not go

 and read up about it.  We're taking the laptop for DVD viewing for the kids (as some scenes aren't age appropriate, obviously).  It's about a two hour drive, and I'll miss John Edwards tonight on the DNC, but that's what TiVo is for, right?  I'm getting excited!  I've needed something to look forward to, and everyone in LJ seems to be preparing for Vegas, so here's my summer excursion.

In other news, I picked up S1 of Strangers With Candy, with the promise of S2 next week, so WOOT!  Amy Sedaris is a comic genius. 

{EDIT} A huge storm front in moving through North Texas, so this may turn out to be a bust. Maybe they'll move us inside? Apparently helicopters filled with Secret Service are monitoring the area. Are we crazy?? My son is ecstatic about witnessing this. He is fascinated by politics. Hopefully this will impress upon them the beauty of a democratic process, and show first hand what the First Ammendment is all about!

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