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!Vive la Mexico!

Well, since some folks on my flist (from Kansas and New York) are having Cinco de Mayo celebrations (I'll just let that sink in for a second) I'll go ahead and post some yummy drink/food recipes to help you gringos (ahem) have a great time!

Oh, who am I kidding: I'm white and from Texas. There will be cervecas and tequila tonight as Mr. Stoney is getting back and fun will be had. Funny that my Mexican friends will just have their regular BBQ with their family on Saturday, and not have a big blow out. (See, they LEFT Mexico, and have embraced Texas. We celebrate San Jacinto day, which is ironic, if you know what that is...)

Number one: Margaritas. KEY KNOWLEDGE: DO NOT USE A "MARGARITA" MIX. BLECH. They taste manufactured.

For a Pitcher: get a frozen, concentrated can of LIMEADE. Put in a pitcher with 3 cans of water. NOT 4! Dilute. (If the kind you've bought says 3 cans of water, make it 2)
Add: 2/3 C Cointreau (key! This is KEY!!)
2/3 C Tequila (if you can find Milagro Silver, BUY IT - very inexpensive and one of the best I've ever tested)
Juice of 2 limes.

Mix, pour, consume, repeat. Rocks, people. Drink them on the rocks.

If I can teach you anything, it's that Jose Cuervo is NOT a friend of yours. That is horse piss. Blue Agave is what you want in your tequila. Keeps you from having a hang-over, nasty taste, and going home with sailors. Okay, you may end up with sailors if you're looking for that kind of thing.

Other good brands of Tequila: (folks, I DRINK tequila by itself. Because the good stuff is GOOD. Repeat: Jose Cuervo is NOT a friend of yours.)

Herradura Silver
Tres Generaciones
Milagro Gold (I like Silver better)

My favorite beverage, although it's Cuban: The Mojito (moe HEE toe)
Earlier in the day:
Heat in a saucepan (or in the microwave by 15 second intervals)
1 C Water
1 C Sugar until clear. Remove from stove.

Get a package of fresh mint from the store and put half (rinsed off) in this. (Or like me, snip 4-5 stems from the garden.) Let cool, then take out mint, squeeze the liquid off the mint, then discard the leaves. Put the mixture in the fridge for a few hours. Will keep for a week.

The Drink:
Crushed ice
1 jigger Rum
1 jigger mint syrup (you made above)
Top with LIMEADE

Shake (use two cups fitted over each other if you don't have a bar shaker) and squeeze a lime wedge in it, top with spring of mint. YUM.

Chicken Enchiladas con Verde Sauce:
3 large cans of white meat chicken (you heard me. Shortcuts, people)
1 can Rotel Tomatoes (or Mexican seasond Del Monte diced Tomatoes if you can't find Rotel. And that makes me sad.)

Combine in a bowl.

Get a large casserole dish, heat over to 375 (or, standard baking temp for my Centigrade buds).
Package of FRESH FLOUR TORTILLAS (I'll dig up my recipe and post it if anyone wants. Ay yi.), say, 15 minimum.

Spoon a bit into the center of the tortilla, and roll up. A little goes a looong way, here. Place in the pan, seam side down. Continue doing this, packing the enchiladas TIGHTLY against each other.

Top with a jar of Tomatillo Salsa (I prefer Jardine's, (aside: tomatillo salsa is typically NOT spicy. You can buy it spicy, but if you have an aversion to hot foods, you should be able to find mild) and a sprinkling of grated Monterrey Jack cheese (or pepper jack, if you like it spicier - Mmmm.) Bake for 25 minutes, then take out a pint of Lite Sour Cream, mix it with a spoon to smooth it up, then dollop over the enchilada dish. Bake 10 more minutes.

I make several pans at once, top with the salsa and the cheese, then wrap them up and freeze them. Add an hour to the cooking time if you do this - straight from the freezer. The sour cream step is the same.

It sounds like I'm cheating, but DAYUM. It tastes GOOD. And I got this recipe from Alesandra Delgado, same woman who taught me how to make tortillas. Ay yi, can she make a tamale.

Now I'm hungry.

Feel free to spam me with recipes, drinks, porn, whatever. :-D
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