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Today is another shopping excuse holiday in the US: Mother's Day. Got to sleep in. Had "breakfast in bed." Quote marks are necessary as my breakfast consisted of:

  • lukewarm slice of American cheese, unwrapped (the kids woke up early)

  • dried out hunk of summer sausage

  • grapes

  • bagel - whole, uncut, untoasted

  • large glass of water

husband ammended this by adding a large mug of coffee, just how I like it. And hid the uneaten warm, melted faux cheese and meat so the kids' feelings wouldn't be hurt. Hee!

To those that are NOT Mothers: I hug and kiss you all for your freedom, your lack of breast/hip/belly stretch marks due to pregnancy, and your ability to have sex without the door locked. Or sending bodies away.

To those that have lost beloved mothers: I envy you the love you shared with her, and hope you know that some chick in Texas is thinking hard about you and sending you good thoughts.

Have spent the weekedn with the Mormon relations due to a wedding and have been surprised that there was NOT cold cuts and Sprite at teh reception. Olive trays! Brie! Crusty loaves! And, um, Hawaiian punch, dressed up in a fountain. Well, three out of four ain't bad. They are going to descend on us like locusts come calling today at my home before they leave tonight, so no time to post fic, visit, chat... But I shall have many tale on the morrow. 16 children from 5 to 9. Not including my own. Happy freaking Mother's Day. :-D

Also!! I forgot that yesterday was janedavitt's b-day, and we had bonded over Gilbert and Anne. What's not to love? I hope your day was lovely, the sentiments and happiness were all day long, and may you have many, many more.
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