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In which I whine.

I HAVE to get this stupid job done today. I am HATING my editorial job for the Master Gardener's magazine. The actual work is fine. Not much there for me other than approval of content, and I have EAGLE EYE proofers. But. I have all these uppity women with waaaay too much time on their hands who send me hate mail for not spotlighting their Iris Society plant sale. Or that a certain member who got a fucking plaque for always showing up at the Rose Society Fundraisers didn't get a friggin' cover story. I am not making this up. o_O

No, I just featured a local school for autistic and handicapped kids (of which my youngest sister is one)where the MGs built an acre of greenhouses, taught the kids how to garden, grow the school's FOOD, have a yearly plant sale and donate all the money to the school... Huh.

Or two months ago where the cover story was about the Little Hands on the Farm, where we take kids from inner city school and they get a day at the Fair to learn that milk comes from cows (I swear, some kids do not know this.) That bread comes from GRAIN, on and on, and then they learn how to grow things them selves.

Or February's issue where I highlighted a program at Juvie Hall where we teach these kids that they CAN do something (they are SO ANGRY when they go in) and they learn patience, peace, and satisfaction from DOING SOMETHING positive by growing something. You'd be amazed at the satisfaction you can have at putting a seed in some dirt, then 60 days later harvesting your own tomatoes. Or a peach. Or learning how to cook with food you grew. Or making a boquet from your own garden and taking it to a nursing home. Most of the kids (80%) in our program DON'T GO BACK. Tell me something else with that kind of stat.

And silly me. I thought that was more important than Bunny Thompson being named "fundraiser extrodinaire" or Kitty Hathaway being the "belle of the Iris Ball." Fucking society women. Most of the MGs are like me - get their hands dirty, like giving back to the community. It's the noisy biddies with nothing but their showdogs and "social clubs" to occupy their time that are DRIVING. ME. CRAZY.

Deadline in five hours. Vericonca Mars finale tonight. There may be several bottle of wine involved with the watching. Oh: does ANYONE have a copy of The Go-Gos "Turn in to You" on mp3 that can yousendit to me? It's for a super seekrit project. 10Q if so!! Or Julie Brown's "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun?"
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