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For those that remember the FANTASTIC film, Rocky. Ha ha! You're a CHAMP! Women weaken legs!!

All last night I kept telling the kids, "You're gonna eat lightening and crap thunder!" They didn't, though. They ate pizza.

Today is all about the outdoors. Mmmm. Upper 70s, garden is growing, things are blooming, dead birds and bunnies are... under... the... trampoline. Dammit, cats! Well, Mr. Stoney is home, so he's on clean up detail. Yesterday, I was a ROCK STAR. Mowed my lawn, no small feat considering this is my lawn mower. My husband can barely push it without having a coronary. Because he is WEAK. I am strong. HA! BTW, it weighs about 48 pounds. But my lawn? She is a PUTTING green. And no gas, no oil... Just woMAN power. Fertilized, weeded, (hand pulling-only way to be SURE) pruned what needed pruning.

Today is my MG garden club get-together. We get together every month and swap plants. Oh, and drink margaritas. THIS AIN'T YO GRANNY'S GARDEN CLUB!

My *cough*herbs*cough* are growing nicely in the bathroom. Need to find a flourescent light for my attic. If I go to jail, I loved you all. Maybe I'll find a nice, butch girl with a sweet face to make me hers.

*enjoys the morning breeze with a hot cup o'joe*
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