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I feel like I've forgotten something. Of course my three hours of sleep last night aren't helping. I love my husband, but I want my bed ALL TO MYSELF. I'm all achey from working in the yard yesterday (aerated, top-dressing of cow manure-composted, re-laid the stone edging to make it purdy, planted more bedding plants to fill out bare spots) so I took a muscle relaxer last night. Annnnd... my problem is my BONES. So muscle relaxers are no bueno.

I want to travel. I want to eat exotic foods. I want to hear strange languages and see colorful, handmade items crafted by local artisans. I want to hear strange birds and animals, see unusual plants and trees. I want to sit on a beach and hear the water crash, people chatting, and have my eyes closed with red light streaming through my eyelids, my skin getting hot and sunshiney.

I want to sleep in a weird place, but because I did so much exploring during the day, I'm fagged out and could sleep on a rock. But most of all, I just want something... Different? Hmm. June 3rd. June 3rd. It's coming. It isn't exotic, but it's a change...

Looking SO forward to May 29th and the folks coming to the Star Wars with Stoney Fest. Worked on a "commemorative mug" and gift bag goodies. Of which will include the Faith (and hopefully the Buffy mix) CDs I'm working on (thanks to those who contributed the two songs I so desperately needed.) And iron ons!! For those going: crazydiamondsue, elcazavampiros, somecandytalkin, smashsc, and the lovely leeannaray, let me know if there is a favorite beverage/snack of choice. Or food allergies, etc. There are still beds free in my home for those that can travel to the 'burbs of Dallas, TX Memorial Day weekend.

*wanders off looking for SOMETHING*
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