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In which I bounce from joy to cramping

Can someone get down here and punch my uterus? You know, to make it quit hurting me? I'd do it for you...

My stoopid interwebnet kept crapping out on me yesterday, so there are many things I have missed. But I have a massive To Do list for today, so probably the missed things are gone forever...

Happy things: awesome music downloaded yesterday while the web was friendly. So, so happy, my ears are today. Yesterday Emily and I were getting DOWN with some Hindi dance music. I got the band (B21) that played at the wedding in Bend it Like Beckham and uploaded for your listening pleasure. WARNING: you will bounce your shoulders up and down and rock out. TURN IT UP.

(B21 - Darshan)
(mirror, in case the first runs out)

Now I go off in search of chocolate-covered salt licks. *punches own uterus to no effect*

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