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Just one of those days. And still think the icon is of hilarity. OF hilarity, I said it! I meant it

And I'm here to represent it. MAN. Treading water. With weights on my feet. I feel like I have plates spinning, and I'm racing back and forth to keep them from falling. Too. Much. To Do. Well, let me re-phrase that. I want to sit in a lounger with a towel on my head, tunes in the background, a mojito in one hand and a good book in the other. So, in that respect, too much. :-D Don't cry for me, Argentina. Or New Zealand. Guatemala? You can cry for me. CRY, dammit!

If there was any wonder why my BFF is my BFF, here's why: Emily (who is three, let's not forget) wanted to send her an email. Their exchange is as follows:

From Emily:
hfh iuytrrrtthgghksjrthbrhtge v ghkegjgdghf.rtuhgetrhg.xu/.ug.rdgrlthjrtkh/ ert j5tyj orytj krefrref.lfteg ,kerj jirejcrejreijreij ;orejorit

ujniyjh yh jhn;kothbjerjdnb nbf.d,kb ,s jgretheroigtjrrftbr; tegnrhb h g,dbn

My BFF's reply:
Dear "Emily",
Please don't ever clog my important work email address with this gobbledeegook ever again. And I mean it! Unless you have something constructive to say or a value-add for the university's commerce department, save it. I see you have a numeral "5" in there, too, which makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. I know you're young, but it's no excuse for writing like this. Check back with me in 10 years, and I might be able to understand your writing.

HA HA HA. Saying "fucking" to a 3 year old is AWESOME.

Emily (after recovering from her first concrit) declared today to be Love Day. She is so fucking soft. Pussy. *sigh*

Things I Love, By Stoney Stoneopolis

  • Gunn's full lips

  • Xander in a speedo, before covering up in embarassment

  • S1 Angel in a tank

  • S6 Spike digging for his lighter in Buffy's... jeans. Fuuuuuuck. Michael Lee, front door, 12th grade. Fuuuuuck.

  • Sex, rough, sweet, fast, slow, gimmie gimmie gimmie

  • Chocolate

  • SALT (OMG, I want to lick the bottom of the bag of my Kettle Chips)

  • Being still - warm by the sun - listening to birds - my cat making that funky, rusty meow at them

  • Did I mention the fullness of Gunn's lips that want me to chew them? I'm probably pumping his cock, too, and making moans in the back of my throat.

  • When Mr. Stoney gets home from a long trip (read: every fucking week)

  • MUSIC, OMG. Fantino. Owns me today. Oh, and Humpty Dance. Hee!!

  • Naked Tom Wellington. Good fucking lord.

  • The knowledge that I pre-ordered HP and the 1/2 Blood Prince and it will arrive soon


So to sum up, life = busy, busy = thinky, thinky = good, therefore, life = good. For the record, I cannot get:

It's cold in here!
There must be some Toros in the atmosphere!
I said, oh wee oh wee oh!
Ice, ice, ice.

Out of my head. Hence the music accompaning this post. Gropes all around!

[ETA] just chopped a big, pungent onion, tears streaming down my face. Daughter and friend walk in, I fake sobbing, and turn to my daughter as she asks why I'm crying: "Because of something you DID!" Ha ha. Bonus points for making her friend (who I don't like) uncomforatble = a million. Now, WHY does my MIL think I'm a bad parent? Come on. She laughed when she saw the onion. HEEE!
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