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Faith Mix!! It's Finally Done!

Whew. I *love* this like a child. For those coming to Star Wars with Stoney, this will be in your gift bag. Hee!! For those on my flist (I have to restrict this for now) leave me a comment if you want it, and if I don't have your mail addy, send it to me at morrisona [at] sbcglobal [dot] net. After this is Buffy. That one is kicking my butt. I have to do my girl right. Buffy haters can just keep strolling...

(Psst: all other mixes are h e r e )

Disc One
"I'm going to take a guess and say there's a new slayer in town"
1. Brick House - Commodores. I keep seeing Xander with his mouth open at the hot chick in leather pants and tacky shirt with all the cutouts. (Worst. Slut outfit. Ever.)
2. I Know What Boys Like- The Waitresses Couldn't be a more perfect intro to Faith song. "Boys like me."
3. She's Crafty - Beastie Boys "She gets around, Man, she's always down." Plus, Faith is a bit of a liar, you see.
4. Pussy Control - Prince Faith tries to educate Buffy. We ARE better than them. Want. Take. Have. You get the idea.
5. Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot One of the best throwaway sex scenes ever - The Zeppo. And generated one of my most favorite Xander moments ever, involving a juice box and the line, "still more romantic than Faith."
6. Bad Girl - The Detroit Cobras First off, I *love* this band. Great breakup song from the girl POV. *pets Xander* (And I'm still trying to get the hurt of Willow figuring out they had sex and crying in the bathroom out of my heart.) And how perfect is the line, "I'm too good for you, My Scooby Doo?"
7. Look What You've Done - Jet A patrol gone wrong. And Faith's world starts unraveling.
8. Had a Dad - Jane's Addiction Turning Faith in to the Council? Not Wesley's greatest moment. This pretty much sums up the rage and angst from her and his betrayal, IMO. At times wanting, wishing, then just in your face anger.
9. Sweet and Tender Hooligan - The Smiths They "take Faith back" but it's really like trying to train a snake. It can't help what it is, you know?
10. The Mess We're In - PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke There needs to be more fic about Faith sitting in her shitty hotel room, crying, staring, trying to pretend it doesn't matter. Or you could just listen to this song and feel your heart break.
11. The Show Must Go On - Pink Floyd Faith moonlights. She's really good at putting on a front. I think it made her sick. But....
12. My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Cole Porter and Marilyn Monroe Someone started to love her. HER. Not Buffy. Quite possibly my most favorite relationship (Daddy/daughter) in all of television history. But we weren't sure of his intentions in the beginning, were we? The Mayor is still my most favorite villian EVER.
13. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC I used to think they were singing "Thunder Chief" instead of Done Dirt Cheap. Ha ha!
14. This Fire - Franz Ferdinand E.D. just rocked at getting all amped and crazed. I want a show with her riding a motorcycle all over the world, kicking ass, picking up slayers, fucking training them... I have such a potty mouth.
15. Head Like a hole - Nine Inch Nails Ha ha, Buffy! BOOM, I got your boyfriend! Wait.. what??? *Buffy waggles her free hands* Pysche! Raise your hand if you didn't just repeat to yourself "second best." IT IS ON, BITCH!! God, I love Buffy S3.
16. Fucking Hostile - Pantera *points to the line IT IS ON BITCH* above. Shh, Faithy, Daddy is going to take care of it. I LOVED the idea of slayer against slayer when that aired, too. Just tore UP that apartment.
17. Friday's Dust - Doves Bloody, bewildered, so, so sad... And twisting the knife and falling backwards and away.
18. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs I love the dream sequence with Buffy and Faith. I can totally get behind the Faith love for Buffy, hence the anger. Psychological evidence that people who go after friend's lovers are closeted about their feelings for the friend. Hel-LO. "They don't love you like I love you." This song makes me ACHE.
19. Fantino - Sebastian Tellier Ohhhhhh, this song is so pretty. And weird and dreamlike, and this is where the writers left our dark slayer.

Disc Two
"I had this dream about tunnels and snakes..."
1. Girfriend in a Coma - The Smiths That was like, the most fun coma ever. This is the first of two ideas I've stolen from sdwolfpup. Except she made a vid of this song for Cordy.
2. Eriatarka - The Mars Volta Another dream sequence song, but more along the lines of a nightmare. Fitting for the sequence with Buffy stalking Faith, them falling into the open grave, Faith climbing out victorious. Have I mentioned how much I love Faith?
3. Turn Into You - The Go Gos First, this song is so kick ass. Does anyone remember how femslashy the vid was?? I mean, I was Mormon and 12 and knew that much. Faith gets a package and pays Buffy a visit. "I just wanna turn into you..."
4. I Want More - The Bangs Another hot Spike scene - pop like warm champagne... Fuuuuuh. "Because it's wrong." Goddamn, I love M.E. And then Faith figures out Buffy has a new boy. Mmm. Hmm. She wants to bang Buffy so bad. But she'll make do with Riley.
5. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson Busted, angry, those goddamned SCOOBIES! (And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for you pesky kids.)
6. Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads Faith heads off to LA.
7. What Do You Do For Money, Honey? - AC/DC And goes free-lance. And then pays a visit to AI.
8. You Better Run - Pat Benetar I know! Let's tie up and torture Wesley. I STILL cringe when she gets that hunk of jagged glass.
9. Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult Also known as the "cow bell song" but it's soooo much more than that. A man trying to get through to a girl. Some of the best acting ED ever did was breaking down, jumping up and down, pounded (ineffectually) with her fists on Angel's (omg, so wet and sexy!) chest. Crying it all out... I *did* mention that I love this show, right?
10. The Same Mistakes - Cooper Temple Claus Weird how much they sound like BOC... She *really* wants to make it better. Hell, I'd do whatever DB asked me to do, also. "Can't keeping making the same mistakes..." Great, great song. She sucks it up and pays the price - prison.
11. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley Hee! It was this or "My cellmate thinks I'm sexy." Faith ordering Wesley to stand back and then busting through the bullet-proof glass? Still one of my all-time favorite scenes.
12. Before You Accuse Me - Eric Clapton Faith gets a load of Scruffy!Wes. Mmm. And Wes gets a little of his own back.
13. Taste The Pain - RHCP Hey! Welcome back to LA! Yeah, yeah, unrequited Angel love... Now go get tore UP by the Beast, mm'kay?
14. Ain't Hittin' - The Detroit Cobras So. NOT Angel. I see. You dumbasses brought Angelus back? "I'll be watching, waiting." I still hold to the theory that Faith loves her some Angel, and would take him if he offered. But she knows he never will. (and kind of respects him for that, because she hates herself.)
15. Whoo Hoo - The 5, 6, 7, 8's Hee!! M.E. did us a disservice by cutting that scene where Connor and Faith "train" but are really testing each other. And Connor smirks, and it turns into a genuine laugh, and Faith realizes they have a lot in common, and Connor relaxes for the first time in a long time, and they keep dodging punches and kicks, and then get really into it, sweaty, hot, muscles tingling... I'm sorry, were you saying something?
16. Everyone Knows That You Are Insane - Queens of the Stoneage Oh, yeah. There was that little thing of THE WORST EVIL KNOWN TO MAN coming down the stairs in black velvet with a pregnant bellyLOCKED UP IN A CAGE.
17. Friendship - Tenacious D "Some guy named 'Fred' called?" Willow turns up. Less of a pushover than Faith last saw her. Faith decides to help out her Super!Best Friend Buffy in Sunnydale. Because she's grown, people.

Disc Three
"Are you the bad slayer? Am I the good slayer?
1. I'm So Tired - The Beatles The drive from one apocolypse to another.
2. Friends - Led Zepplin Conversations in a grave yard. "Oh! Faith! You're back."
3. War on War - Wilco I like this song from The First's perspective. "There's a war on war - You're gonna lose!"
4. Heroes - The Wallflowers I picked this version, since the David Bowie one just oozes teen sexuality to me. I know. I'm broken. But this fits Buffy's speechifying better.
5. La Resistance - South Park Movie Hee! Faith, rolling her eyes at yet another speech. (And I *always* picture Andrew crossing out "steak" and saying the vamPYRE in my head.) This is the last idea borrowed from sdwolfpup Check out her vid set to this. HAHA! Satan = The First. Of course, when I hear "they may cut your dick in half," I think of Buffy with the Fray-axe slicing Caleb into halvsies.
6. Shake Ya Tailfeather- Nelly, P Diddy, Murphy Lee Faith takes the girls clubbing "to let off steam." The police sirens in the background? Perfect. And if I think about it too long, the fact that Faith is so blasè about the cops beating her up makes my heart hurt.
7. Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd The most jaw dropping moment in Buffy for me: them kicking her out. I wanted to HIT Dawn. Bitch, it ain't YOUR house. And then Faith is (reluctantly) put in charge. And she gets a first hand lesson as to why it sucks to be a General.
8. Clint Eastwood - Gorrilaz "I'm useless, but not for long, the future is coming on." Faith and her "wards."
9. Warrior Song - NaS Faith trains her way. This song makes me ache, it's so good.
10. I Get Lonely (remix)- Janet Jackson She spent a looooong time in prison. And Principal Wood is a HANDSOME man. Mmmmm.
11. The Pleasure Principal - Lesbians on Ecstacy Ha ha ha!! Come on! How perfect was that?
12. Brotha - Angie Stone This is when I wish this show was on HBO so we could have MORE sex. Which is saying a lot, as Buffy S6 was JAW DROPPING with its sex scenes. Mmmmm. Angie, I feel your love of the Black Man. Mmm hmm. I do like me some Robin Wood, not afraid to say it loud and proud.
13. Save a Prayer - Duran Duran "I'll call you if I need you." I hurt for a second for our Principal Wood at that line. But, man did he give it back to her in spades! Our Faith - dropping them before they can drop her.
14. Battleflag - Lofidelity Allstars "Tell me, one: do you want to live? And is it time for your mother fucking ass to give?" I get CHILLS thinking of that scene when they look over the precipice and see allllllll the Ubervamps. IT's ON!
15. We Will Rock You - Queen Dude. Awesome fight scene, with the exception of Lanky Red on her obvious wires and legs gathered up like a cricket. Gah. Other than that... Cho! Faith! Buffy! Kennedy! Okay, come on: she killed things. Anya! *cries* My heroes! *bawls at the awesomeness of this goddamn show*
16. Spinning - Zero7 Is he dead? No. We made it. Life with options now. Redemption. "As the world came tumbling down, you pray to God, 'what have we done? Free me from these chains. I need to change my ways. Heal these broken wings.'" Ah, god. I love my dead show.

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