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Sorry for the spam, but familial pride busting loose...

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier. My brother-in-law, an all around terrific guy, and handsome to boot, is going to be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight. His construction crew built a 16,000 sq foot home in under 72 hours. Dude. He said it was the most tired he's ever been, but his whole purpose in becoming a builder was to build homes for people, not houses, so this was pretty awesome for him to be a part of.

He's about 6' 5" (we like them tree-like in our family), ridiculously handsome, with VERY broad shoulders, dark hair, tan, tan, tan. And scowling at the back of Ty Pennington, who is apparently an egotistical bastard and ONLY speaks to the families when it's being captured on film. [/sad]

It's a two hour special, with the "How'd They Do That?" tomorrow night. We're not sure where he'll be more prominently featured, but he was singled out an interviewed, as he is ridiculously handsome. And nice.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled nap. Or whatever. :-D [/pride and family love] And, um, it's the only family themed icon I have. Heh.

[ETA] Am watching. no sign of bro, but sign of his handiwork, heh. And for the record: I fucking hate Ty Pennington's white ass. (And the Code Talkers have me bawling. Inuncilo Peshtawah. -Brave Warriors.)
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