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Well, THERE'S a sentence I didn't think I'd ever read.

Buffy felt the doctor insert the cold duck bill into her vagina.


Ah, my fave Bad!Fic writer is back. Current fic is a love story about an abortion. I am not making this up. Spike, the woobie that he is, buys her matressespads, helps her pee, and feeds her a "grill" cheese sandwich. However, he did let Buffy pay the $500 dollar PSAabortion fee.

Random Jossverse droppings:

  • Non-fave person her BFF? Check (Anya- who tells her step by step what an abortion is. Aww!)

  • Blooming onion? check

  • Casting of ALL characters in non-con random roles and without any irony? check

  • Use of the made-up word "bullocks?" check

  • Insertion of most random one-shot character ever? check (Gwendolyn Price as the abortionist. Not the beaver, but she who treats it)

Today truly is the greatest day. I love my flist hard, and thank you all again for your kind words and love. Back at ya. Who loves you, baby? [/Kojak]
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