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AHHHHH!!! It's almost here!

It's here. It's finally here.

STONEYWARS formerly known as Star Wars With Stoney.

HA HA HA. No, no, it's supposed to read: I cut because I CARE.

Itenerary (because this shit is AWESOME to read):
Saturday, 3:16pm - pick up elcazavampiros and crazydiamondsue from train station
4:46pm - sit awkwardly on sofa, try to come up with a conversation
5:02pm - begin drinking. Heavily
5:34pm - bring up the idea of strip-CandyLand
5:37pm - cry my eyes out
6:13pm - begin preparing food
6:57pm - order in pizza
8:41pm - begin the THUNDERDOME™ battle TO THE DEATH
9:14pm - cry over Sue's dead body
11:56pm - call Willow in to work her mojo
1:38am - avoid demon biker gang

Sunday, 12:00pm - take kids to MILs so the REAL partying can begin
1:15pm - stand with sign reading, "FANGURLS TAKE IT UP THE ASS" to let leeannaray know it's me at the airport
3:00pm - somecandytalkin arrives NOT ONE MINUTE LATER, or she's barred from the party
3:13pm - smashsc arrives, or becomes Square. Possibly a dodecahedron.
3:15pm - with a fresh drink in my hand, I hereby declare the party switch to be in the "ON" position
4:28pm - party like I just don't care
8:47pm - due to chaffing, I begin to care. Party less.
9:09pm - distribute gift bags while I'm still able to stand. GIFT BAGS!! EEEE!! Folks, notice they contain personal toiletries. Let's use them, shall we?
10:02pm - more THUNDERDOME™ CHALLENGES - only to the PAIN, this time
10:28pm - call everyone on my flist, piss them off for calling so late, sing Parody fic songs badly, pretend to hang up, breath heavily

Monday, 6:15am - wake up before others, prepare fruit, sausage rolls, coffee, juice - a "continental breakfast" if you will
6:16am - you WILL
7:00am - make sure everyone is up by practicing my trumpet
7:45am pile into vehicles, leave for 8:30am showing
8:30am - STAR WARS, EPISODE THREE: REVENGE OF THE SITH begins. I pass out Kleenex.
8:31am - I forget everything around me and become 7. My driver's license is now obsolete
12:00pm - have lunch at some location, TBD later
1:00pm - take leeannaray to airport (right? When do you fly out, hon?), make a scene at her ankles, bite her to leave a scar to always remember me by.
2:34pm - ignore the remaining people in my house until the leave the next day, and also because this is becoming hard.

OMG!! I need to party. WHEEEE!! I leave you with the image on the second (yes, SECOND!) Iron-On you will find under your seat. No, in your gift bag. (Including such items as stickers, a pencil, and the Faith CD mix).

WOOT! lml ^_^ lml

Also: if you are interested in reading an Original fic about the Emo boys kissing vid, go to bexless's journal. She wrote a fic that was so frickin' good, I've not been able to get it out of my head for two days. Plus? She has a MASSIVE post of pics of boys kissing. WOW. That is all!
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