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StoneyWars - The update

I have the first moment of quiet since the weekend began, so I thought I'd take a second to update. And reveal my true, inner-geek.

I'm sorry there weren't drunk phone calls and posts. We haven't stopped since people began arriving Saturday. What with the fun, the games, the food, and the many, many beverages... We just were having too much fun with each other to stop and call or post. Forgive! We learned that leeannaray (who brought me FOUR pounds of chocolate on the plane! OMG!!) can take Mr. Stoney and elcazavampiros for a ride with the intricate knowledge of all things Star Wars. Someone's read the tie-in books...

But right now I need to talk about the movie. I've avoided posts about the movie as I didn't want to be influenced, or (my big fear) that people would be negative about the movie. Because honestly? I don't care if you don't like it. Or didn't like the Ep 1 or 2. I. Don't. Care. I did. Granted, the romantic "sand" conversation was crap, but I don't go to Star Wars movies for the dialogue. I go for the VISUALS. I go to be 7 years old, my hands clutched in my lap, living/fighting/flying alongside my heroes. And they are heroes: Leia. Han. Luke. Luke Skywalker may be one of the greatest heroes in film ever, to me. Their world was real. I fully expected to see them in heaven when I died. One of my first heartbreaks in life was when I REALLY understood it was a fantasy, they weren't real, and Leia and Mrs. C (I had big Mrs. Cunningham love as a kid) weren't going to be my angel friends in heaven.

And for my "grown-up" friends that didn't like Ep 1 and 2... Well, that's because they didn't go with me and my son. Because as much as I want those movies to be for "me," they weren't. They were for him and his friends. SO they could have that same love that I did as a kid. And my boy sat for three hours with his mouth open, unable to speak (which is HUGE for him), sucked in to the fantasy world that George Lucas shared with us. It isn't art. It isn't "film." It's the greatest escapist movie series ever put on celluloid.

The movie was PACKED way before we got there this morning, so we weren't able to sit together. But that's okay - we were together in spirit, right? I find a seat between two girls who appear to have been drug there by their families. I grab my tissue, get settled, and watch the trailers. S E R E N I T Y. OMG. Chills. Then, Chronicles of Narnia. Totally OT, but I started crying. It looks JUST like how I envisioned those books as a kid. I'm a bit emotional at times. :-) And then I see LucasFilm in the familiar green and it starts. EPISODE III. I couldn't help it. My chest started heaving, my eyes watered, and I just got incredibly sad. This is the last time I'll get a new Star Wars movie in the theater. It just... It hurts.

I can barely express how much this movie made me happy. Everyone in our group didn't agree, but I just don't care. I'll take any scene, any moment, any world that GL wants to make in this galaxy and eat it up. I am not going to be critical. Besides, the story was terrific. I've wondered how they were going to get to the beginning of Ep 4 from 2, but they do. And it works. And for those that have seen it (I'll not have any spoilers aside from this one - which you should expect to be in the movie, anyway) - can you say that the battle with Obi-Wan and Anakin was slashy as all hell? And I had a moment of solidarity with the elderly woman behind me who sobbed as Obi-Wan poured his heart out to Anakin about what Ani was becoming. I just sobbed. So many moments were just fullfilling to me as a fan. Even if you weren't a fan, visually this movie is as engrossing as Ep 2.

But this post is more about my love affair with a galaxy far, far away. And how heartbroken I am over it coming to a close. I didn't think I'd feel so sad, but complete. But I'm sad. I'm kind of being a bad hostess right now because I think I'm the only one in the group who is just blinded by love, and I don't want to hear the negative. (jamalov29? I think you know what I'm talking about. It's like your feelings for James.) I'm the kid in the corner with her fingers in her ears humming "la la la." But dammit, this movie was so GOOD! *cries more*

I think that once my house is emptied, I'll engross myself in some excellent fic (feel free to rec - NO crossovers) and let the love affair continue. But for now, if you have something negative to say about the movie? Keep scrolling. *waves hand at you* This is not the journal you are looking for.

But- my guests and I are having a great time getting to know each other, talking about our loves, passions, books, movies, LJ, families.... And I found all of them because of this little cult hit, Buffy. Mind boggling. And happy making, to boot.
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