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in which I slide head first into Ewan/Hayden RPS. Mmmmmmmm. So grood.

Livejournal has been plunged into despair. An evil Stoney Laura has seduced those to whom the other members of the LJ continously read....

Saturday: As elcazavampiros and crazydiamondsue are taking the train from OKC to Dallas, they get to come a day early (no trains on Sunday). But wait! A call at 9am - they are on their way by car as they missed their train, and Caza wanted to surprise me waaaaaaay early. Good idea, Sue, to call. You would have reduced me to tears with a mop bucket in hand and a dirty ponytail on top of my head. Note to friends: I'm a control freak. There, I've said it. I need to have everything running according to schedule or I lose it. Mentally and emotionally. Just.... so you know. It's a thing.

Mr. Stoney looks panic stricken with the vaccum on the stairs, we ask if they wouldn't mind sightseeing before getting here around the time I had planned. Lovely and adventurous that they are, they don't mind. *whew* My life shifts back into orbit. They arrive, there are hugs, kids flinging themselves about, my son trying to fit a lifetime of toys and games down their throats... I drag them to the grocery store (or as I refer to it: the happiest place on earth) and pick up sundries for our breakfast on Movie Day. We are all creeped out by the EXTREMELY HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY employees. Our bagger confesses (with a creepy Stepford grin) that he's never seen ANY of the Star Wars movies. We run to the car and peel out, scrubbing our flesh with bleach I keep handy for just such an occassion. Drinking begins. Oh, and so does the rain. The heavy, heavy downpour. So much for the THUNDERDOME&trade. *sigh*

But! We have fun! And movies! And did I mention the drinks? And Phase10! Because ain't no party like a... I can't help it. I like games. And Mr. S is pretty hammered and sleepy at this point (we both got up super early to start cleaning, etc - I think it's midnight now) and I'm KICKING HIS BUTT. We are all tired, we head off to our beds (the magic bed is pulled out - new blankets! Sue, you need to tell me if the mattress pad I got for you helped any. If not, I'll get an additional insert for future use. I WILL HAVE PERFECTION WITH THE MAGIC BED!)

Sunday: after Belgian waffles, Mr. S takes the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover. I drag Sue on my walk, we see DUCKLINGS! And a great blue heron. And box turtles. And bunnies. Two. In the bushes. Chicky bow. We get back to the house - Sue determines she needs better shoes (ouchie blister!) I check upstairs (I have three more people coming today) and realize that my husband TRUSTED the boy to clean, he didn't actually check. AHHHH!! And Caza has used this bathroom! I grab my stuff, scrub (I have SWEAT DRIPPING DOWN!! I. Must. Kill. The boy.) it clean, and then fix his room, as he has taken every lego apart and strewn them about. AHHH!!

Just enough time to get the SueCazas ironed, me showered, and then out the door to pick up leeannaray from the airport. And crap. Her plane landed early. Like, WAAAAAY early. So, so sorry that I wasn't there as you walked through the door!!! (Remember: control freak.) We decide to get lunch, head out to Blue Mesa, pleasant enough to sit on the patio. Leeanna shows me the FOUR POUNDS OF LEONIDAS CHOCOLATE she has carried in her lap on the plane. For me. That is like, the BEST hostess gift ever. Thank you, so very very much! Did you catch the Four Pounds? Or Leonidas? Yeah. Life is good.

Yummy meal, margaritas, and OH MY GOD!! While we were waiting to be seated, there are two tall, lanky, PRETTAY boys standing waaaay too close to each other. I lean back to the girls and whisper: Emo Boys Kissing. Life is good. Back to the house, drinks are made, and Mr. Stoney shows us the "mascot" for our Darth Vader themed party: a frickin' BLACK WIDOW SPIDER he found outside. He thought it would be "fun" to capture it and put it in a jar. Darth Widow. And so begins many sleepless nights. (We're releasing it into a field later today. *shudders*) A little guac, a little chip, some margaritas, and we are all of the good.

*dingdong* somecandytalkin is now here! And looks divine, as usual. She's brought beverages! Mineral water with lime and Mr. Stoney's fave vodka. They retire to the kitchen, he relaxes and enjoys himself. Some Candy's good like that. What's this? She's leaving him the vodka? Again with the awesome hostess gifts. It's like you people KNOW ME. Heh heh. We spend the next few hours getting to know each other, talk about travel, movies, music, etc... *dingdong* It's smashsc! Fresh from a VERY LONG DRIVE, and OMG! She's the quintessential southern storyteller, with a fantastic Carolinian accent. Hee!! I give out the last of the gift bags, Mr. S begins the BBQ. Since we had a heavy breakfast and lunch, we go simple: BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and maters. Hee! I can cook sides, Sue, I swear.

Gift bags were:
Darth Vader stickers
A Texas longhorn sticker
a rape whistle (you don't know what those nerds in the movies might try, y'all)
personal toiletries
Star Wars with Stoney Iron-On
Tattooine Boys/General Lee Iron-On
Faith CDs
Star Wars figure-head mini M&Ms
Darth Vader mug

On to games! Trivial Pursuit, Star Wars Edition. Goddammit. Mr. Stoney keeps fooling me and making me unsure of my VAST knowledge. Okay, I may not know all of the creatures' names, or names of the random ships, but dammit!! It becomes clear that the winner will be either elcazavampiros, Mr. S, or leeannaray. It's one of them, but I'm so sleepy at this point, I can't remember. Leeanna? You?

Everyone begins drifting off to their beds, Some Candy and I partake of a little "relaxation" outside, and then off to beddie bye.

Monday: Wake up early, I think I'm the only one up. Nope, smashsc NEVER SLEEPS. (How do you do it, girl?) I get the coffee going, set out other beverages, cook up some eggs, slice bagels/croissants, set out jams, butter, and fresh fruit, but no trumpet. Most everyone has woken up at this time, so it would have been unneccesary noise. I give the time table out, people scurry to shower/dress/etc. Out the door at 8:20am for the 9:05am showing. I bought the tickets online earlier to make sure we had them. We think we're fine.

Uh-oh. It's PACKED!! We can't sit together, so we all drift apart (sob!) and find our own spots. I holler at two folks with a seat between them, it isn't taken, so BOOyah. Mr. S finds one on the row in front, a few over. And... commence the tears on my part. Documented earlier, and I'm a dork, we've established that. :-D

Mexican food afterwards, delicious fajita burrito on my plate, everyone else seems happy, life continues to be fine. SOme Candy has some great 60s Italian film erotica music on, I ask to borrow and rip. While she says her goodbyes (she lives in the area), I make a copy and feel richer. Hee hee! smashsc wants to stay in town a day longer, head out to Austin the next, please to be staying in my house one more night? Fine, fine! She apparently doesn't mind that my kids will be back, so blessings to her. She does want to see downtown Dallas, JFK, etc., so she heads off to have an adventure and meet one of her other buds. More hanging outside on the patio (the rain has relented some) until leeannaray has to head back to the airport. Mr. S drives her there so he can swing by his parents and grab the kids. Many hugs and tears. Leeanna, you were just a lovely guest, fun to talk to and visit with, and I thank you for coming!

Down to crazydiamondsue and elcazavampiros and me. Caza has taken a break from SNARKING AT ME ALL THE TIME. HA HA, CAZA. O_O and Sue and I sit out on the back patio and sun our legs for a spell, talking of everything under the sun. I have to mow today (shhh. It's been DAYS and you could seriously get lost in the tall, tall grass) so I make Caza and Sue watch me sweat. Whee!! Isn't this fun? Don't I know how to party? Kids are back, they have buddies streaming in and out of the house watching DARTH WIDOW. (Don't forget her! She'e eeeevill!) Mr. S has to head back to Atlanta to work at 4am, so he gets himself ready to go in the background, and heads off to bed early. Caza, Smash (back from her travels to the Gayborhood) and I watch Episode 2, Sue reads (yeah, don't think I didn't notice you sneaking off to read your book. Hee!) and then I'm pooped by 10:30. Which is a theme with me, lately.

Leisurely breakfast in the morning, Smash bids us farewell, has a sand dollar for the kids (which they trotted around the neighborhood and displayed as a GENOOWINE CAROLINA silver dollar - hee!!), and heads to points south. Sue and Caza want to shop (after all, it's Dallas' favorite pasttime) and head out once the stores are open.

My house is unnaturally quiet. Until the neighbor kids come over. I eye Darth Widow...

I'm leaving EARLY Friday morning to head off to the beach with the family for a week, so this may be the last post for a spell. Gotta get everything ready to go today and tomorrow. Love you all!!

[ETA for winterlive] The icon? Ewan comes to Hayden standing in line with photogs snapping away, Hayden lights up, they kiss. There (in my dreams) is forehead touching and a whispered promise to meet later, in secret. I'm compiling fics and recs. Guh.

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  • Um.

    I'm like, barely holding on to sanity here, so that's why there's been radio silence. Apparently to deal with my own crippling sads, I decided to…

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