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more RPS goodies (yeah?) and sundries

I'm leaving in a few hours, and I may or may not be on the internet while at the beach. Most likely... not. :-D Come on, people: white sugar sand!

In the interim, here's the last bit of the RPS I started. It's um, AU RPS. Because I don't know these guys. But in my head? WEASELS. Comma, Doing it like. Come on: Ewan is known to be a big whore, and Hayden? Ze rumors... That kiss!! (At Cannes, hence the title) The secret boyfriends... The full lips. GLAAAHHHHHGGGGHHHH. And it just kinda worked out this way. Not what you think from the first bit, linked under the cut, BTW.

WARNING: this one is a little dark with dub-con, for those that need notification.

Part One is linked here.

The Wrath at Cannes - Part Two

Hayden got up to wash up a bit in the restroom. He looks everywhere but at the smug Lowlander stretching like a cat on the bed. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Ewan reaching into the side table drawer and pull out his pack of smokes. Hayden had maintained a hard and fast rule with the public that he doesn't "mingle" with his co-stars. Yeah, but I've been careful to use the word 'actress.' George covered up the male rumors pretty well.

He let the cool water run over his wrists, calming him. Let his heart-beat slow. Looked at himself in the mirror - the high, red spots flushing his cheeks, the bee-stung lips from kissing, eyes that are heavy and half-lidded. From his vantage point, he can watch Ewan, one arm thrown over his head, the other holding a smoke while he inhaled, eyes closed. Hayden allowed himself to take in the other man's form. They had hardened and sculpted their bodies in preparation for this movie's action scenes. Ewan's trek across Europe with Charlie had given him a swagger more prominent than before. A few scars on his arms and legs from his tumble that one t-

"If you don't come back to bed, I may just have to come in there and get you. Frankly, I'm at a point in my life where I prefer the bed."

"How do you do that?"

Ewan laughed. "Do what?"

Hayden smiled openly, dried his hands with the towel, and walked to the edge of the bed. "How do you do it? The world knows you to be this randy snatch-magnet and a loving husband."

"Well, it's because I am those things. But frankly, I'm just a randy bastard. I like sex, and I don't care how I get it, as long as I get it."

Ewan put the fag out, crossed his arms behind his head, bent one leg, and jerked his head to his side, an invitation. Hayden dropped his head to hide his smile, then with one fluid movement, slid his body alongside Ewan, head resting on his hand. He tapped the underside of Ewan's foot with his toes, laughed softly, and said, "Did you know? About me, I mean. God, if George ever finds out..."

"Who the fuck is going to find out?"

Hayden looked up at Ewan, who's brow furrowed. Ewan sat up on his elbows, his face serious. "I love my wife very much. Nobody is going to find out. This is just fucking."

Hayden tried to keep his face neutral, to play it cool. It's never just fucking to him, but he knew that would sound incredibly naive. There's still a lot of the hometown boy in him, and Ewan seems so cosmopolitan...

"Right, right. I was just talking out loud. Jesus, you think I want anyone to know? I haven't made it big enough to be the 'Rupert Everett' of my generation. Just..." Hayden looked over to Ewan, who was still sitting up, tense with a newly lit smoke, and he laughed. "Sorry. I'm a bit spazzy after that. It's been a long PR trip, you know?"

Ewan laughed sarcastically and put out his smoke. "Sorry. And - too right. Grab a couple of beers out of the fridge, would you? And there isn't any of the cat-piss you call beer in there. Only the finest that McEwan has to offer, laddie."

Hayden hopped off the bed and grabbed the longnecks. He popped the lids on both and took a long pull. "Jesus, that's good."

"Fucking and drinking, boy, that's my people's contribution to the Great World Order."

Hayden finished the beer in two gulps, leaned over the bed, delighting in making the older man lay back, and whispered onto Ewan lips, "Pretty fucking awesome contributions."

He braced himself on his hands at Ewan's sides, lightly drawing his lips back and forth over Ewan's. His tongue traced the edges of Ewan’s mouth, tasting the lingering Dunhill tobacco and dark malt beer. Hayden felt him open his mouth, head rising to meet his, but Hayden pulled back with a sly grin. Hayden moved his forehead across the other man's cheek and traced the outer edge of Ewan's ear with his tongue. A tug with his teeth on the lobe, warm breath behind the ear, and Hayden's right hand slid up and over a sharp hip, across a taut belly, over a slightly stubbled cheek to then tangle into dark-brown locks. He found a particularly ticklish spot where neck and shoulder meet, smiled and chuckled softly against warm skin, then moaned into Ewan's neck as he felt hands tangling into his own hair, massaging his skull.

Hayden threw a leg over, pulling back enough to make eye-contact with Ewan, to register the older man's passion. He then mouthed the other side of his neck, now with added hip movements, slow and deliberate figure-eights to tease and promise. The pressure on his head increased - Ewan wanted the same treatment he gave earlier. Hayden pulled back, resting on his haunches across Ewan’s hips. He traced his hands down the shoulders and arms of his lover. When Ewan moved forward to continue the kiss, Hayden pulled back, taking Ewan's hands in his own, raised them above and against the headboard, and pushed down lightly with his hips and thighs to force Ewan to slide down against the bed.

Hayden held both of Ewan’s hands in one of his large, strong hands and let his free hand slide down to grip Ewan and massage him. Ewan gasped, and bit at the hard, carved muslces of Hayden’s taut forearm. Ewan’s eyes finally closed, head thrown back; Hayden deftly moved over and to the side, still pinning Ewan's hands over their heads, and began kissing more aggressively.

Ewan broke away to catch his breath and muttered, "I'm not a fucking bottom, babe."

Hayden pushed his leg against Ewan, forcing him onto his stomach, and caught an ear lobe with his teeth, replying hoarsely, "You're about to be."

Ewan tried to turn over, to release his hands, and bucked feebly against the larger body, but Hayden whispered in his ear while massaging Ewan's shoulders wit his free hand, "Shhh. Trust me. You'll like it. I'll stop if you want me to. Let me," and grabbed the condom with lubricant.

Hayden settled on the backs of Ewan's thighs, one hand rolling on the slick condom, the other rubbing up and across Ewan's shoulders, then leaned over, warm breath and hair tickling soft, pale skin. Teeth nipped at tender flesh where arm and back meet, soothed by wet kisses. Strong, broad hands reached down and gripped muscular backside, massaging, kneading, separating and pushing together. Ewan’s body relaxed, giving Hayden confidence to continue.

Hayden slid between Ewan’s legs, pushing up with his hands so Ewan is propped up on his knees slightly, kissing soft flesh where backside and thigh join. The flat of his hand caresses virgin skin, fingertips weaving into soft brown curls, trapping moisture, slid back and found their own tight embrace. A low moan, and what sounded like, "Wait," but Hayden can’t stop himself, now. A nip of flesh followed again by a wet kiss, hair tickling, warm breath against the small of Ewan's back. Hayden murmured, "Shhh. Let me. Baby, let me."

A hand traveled over hip, fingertips lightly tracing their path, teased the underside of Ewan's cock. Gripped more firmly. Lips and warm breath on tender skin. Hand stroked, penetrated, stretched. Moans caused movements to increase their speed. A right hand stopped its kneading to squeeze and pull sideways on glut muscle. Hayden took a shaky breath and stroked himself between Ewan’s thighs. He felt Ewan hold his breath; Hayden covered Ewan’s back with his body and laid a cheek between his shoulder blades. He arched his back pulling his hips in so slowly his stomach muscles trembled. Just the head. He pumped his left hand faster to help Ewan feel some pleasure. Ewan was biting on his pillow, cursing. But not pulling forward, not trying to get away or stop him.

Hayden leaned back onto his knees, his right hand held Ewan’s hip, and pushed forward slightly, trying to be gentle. The cursing in the pillow increased. He pulled out, stroking himself back and forth between Ewan’s thighs, never stopping his left hand from pumping. Gentle kisses to the small of the back. Whispered voice against trembling skin, "You feel so good. I don't want to hurt you, but you feel so good."

Ewan began to move himself with more force into Hayden's fist, twisting his hips back to grind against Hayden's erection. Hayden covered his own moan with a sucking bite to the skin on Ewan's side and eased himself back in, a little further this time, gently pulling back, in and out until he was able to be fully embedded. Ewan pushed back, propping himself up further onto his knees, opened up more, apparently realizing that would take some of the burning away. Hayden gripped him more tightly and timed his own movements to match Ewan’s motions. Ewan clenched, tensed, buried his face into his pillow and yelled. Hayden stroked Ewan's cock, fingering the sticky fluid as it released.

Ewan relaxed as Hayden took the opportunity to grip him by hipbones and thrust rapidly. Unprepared for the onslaught, Ewan cried out into the pillow and tried to move forward on his knees, evidently away from the unexpected pain. Hayden was stronger and near his own release and so held on firmly as the motion beneath him brought him to his climax rapidly. Hayden threw his arms around Ewan's waist and cried out, face pressed to a shoulder blade as he emptied himself. Ewan bucked, tossing the younger boy off, and then laid on his side, away from Hayden.

Both were breathing heavily. Hayden flipped to his back, pulled off the spent condom, rose, and headed to the bathroom. Ewan sat up, winced, got to his feet, and grabbed his pack of smokes. He kept his back to the bathroom. As Hayden came back to the bed, he noticed a few red spots on the sheets and reached out to hold Ewan's arm.

"Jesus, aw, shit, man. I... I thought you were joking. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Ewan looked back, eyes blazing, concern and worry looking back at him, and seemed to be pacified. "One thing about me? I'm not a liar." His trademark grin broke across his face. "Well, except for the fact that I am a liar on occasion,” he takes a drag, eyes looking everywhere but at Hayden, “Not about that, though."

Hayden reached out and took Ewan's face into his hand, his thumb stroking across Ewan’s lower lip, "I'm sorry. I just –. It's been a long publicity tour. A long time without... And, you know... It's you."

Ewan smiled back, reached up and gave the hand holding him a tight squeeze, pulled it off, and said, "Be sure to take the private elevator out. Don't need you getting mauled by rabid fans, do we?"

Hayden stood still a few moments, watching Ewan turn on the shower and shut the door without looking at him. He dressed, looked around the room, and left.

Picks up a few weeks later here.
Tags: dark fic, ewan-hayden, fic, rps

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  • Welp. That's that.

    That's going to be a hard-no on the agreement. I'm migrating to Dreamwidth, Stoney321, but I doubt I'll update much, just as I do currently.…

  • Random

    Back from a quick and mostly unplanned trip to DC for the girls' Spring Break. The Mr. threw it all together and sprung it on us last minute. It was…

  • Wednesday Random

    For whatever reason, I scheduled a million (three) appointments with various doctors yesterday and felt like a prize-winning pig by the end of it.…