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Clarify a definition

Nothing major, but this is a teeny little pet peeve of mine:
If you bite it and you die, it's POISONOUS.  If it bites you and you die, it's VENOMOUS.  I heard someone on a nature show today use that incorrectly.

Example: the wild mushrooms were obviously poisonous as the whole party lay gasping and convulsing in their own silent death throes.  The black mamba hid in the tree overhead, his venomous bite eliciting the same response in the small rat it chose as his dinner.

I watched a doc on Jane Goodall and heard the saddest thing EVER.  Don't look under the cut if animal death bothers you.

A colobus monkey was carrying its dead baby on its back in a troup near her camp.  The baby had apparently died a while before and was severly decomposed and would occasionally slip off, and the mother would stop, readjust it, and continue on with her troup.

Waaahhh!!  Now something completely different, in that it is sweet and happy:

The colts that live at the ranch around the corner got their little soccer balls out in their arena and were kicking them around, strengthening their legs.  The mares were in their stalls whickering to their babies.  I love horses.  When giving birth, mares will start talking baby talk to the colts as they emerge.

I want to hear mother/baby stories.  They can be gruesome, sweet, sad, apathetic, anything.  I'm working on a thesis, and want to hear from my buds around the world.  Nothing is off putting to me.


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