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In which LJ is a ghost town...

I'm assuming everyone's off enjoying life? So, I've been missing for a few days. I walked past my powder bathroom two days ago and saw a bit of wallpaper coming up. let me be clear on this paper: it's the most WTF wall paper I've ever seen. My house is only 3 years old - we bought it from a lovely family that had to move with the dad's job right after it was completed. And they had a THING for pastels and patterned wall paper in bathrooms. Like, peach and teal and beige. With a NAVY BLUE AND GOLD fleur de lis border. Niiiiice. So... I grabbed the edge of the paper and gave a yank. So by this morning I have almost every wall free and clear of the monstrosity. Am going to patch/seal/paint tonight and tomorrow.

For those who haven't been to my home, I have a thing for natural textures: stone, dark, aged wood, bamboo, etc. I found a picture of a faux treatment that looks like an old, aged rock. I'm doing that to the bath. EEEEE!! I'll make it a bit darker, as I like womb-like small rooms. And if you can't GoCrazyNuts in a half-bath? Pffft. I'll finish it out with iron handles for a hand-towel holder, dark wood for a few small shelves (just rectangles - no molding, no curves) and I have a gorgeous orchid I'm mounting on the wall. I'm so happy!

Here's what I'm doing to the wall:

I can't get words to work for me lately, so I'm doing something creative this way. But my mind? She races. Off to see RotS with my son in a few hours, and in the meantime, thought I'd throw something heavy to think about. Feel free to skip if quasi-political rants bug you.

Bush's new push to rape, plunder, line his pockets get into action is COAL. For alternative energy. For those of you on my flist from the West Virigina/Kentucky/Utah/Pennsylvania areas who know first hand the dangers of coal... Can you believe this shit? My uncle was a coal miner for years. His body is broken, his lungs have 1/10th their original capacity, his children were born with defects... All from coal. Not to mention that it's one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Coal produces smog, sulfer dioxide, MERCURY... And all that rock particulate those men breath? Because it has nowhere else to go but into their bodies?

So Bush is the Christian leader of America, right? He's fighting for their family/Christian values, correct? As in, that's what comes out of the horse's mouth, yes? And the Christian Folks are all about preserving the family, the ability to live as God wants them to, to push their morality down the throats of everyone around them, no? Morality? Isn't that the big word for them? MORALITY?

have you seen the new GE commercial set to "16 Tons"? With the sexy, half-dressed models lounging about in a sexy manner, exuding sex? Because nothing's sexier than a coal miner coughing up black boogers out of his luings for five hours after a shift? Do you see how these two ideas don't work? How they are trying to have their cake and eat it, too?

Little info for you: Coal is filthy. We know this. We switched from coal to fuel because of how friggin' filthy it is. 1/3 of ALL carbon emissions in the US are caused by industry, powered by? Coal. There was this pesky little Clean Air Act, where the EPA and other watchdog groups want coal industries to reduce emissions by a moderate (read: paltry) percentage. Know what Bush did in March? Extended their time-table by five years. Know where he'll be in 5 years? Living high on the hog with all his money. His oil/coal money.

Bush also signed into the budget $2 billion dollars into COAL. GE? Got a huge chunk of it. Plus, they get $400 million in matching funds for, um, using coal. In other words, staying in business. Hey, here's a big chunk of Education's funding as a bonus for not changing anything about how you do things!

Remember how looong ago (like, pre-Newt Gringrich) the Republican party was all about little government? That THAT was their selling point over the Democrats, who were supposedly in everyone's business and legislating morality - like that pesky thing where the Blacks got to vote? And go to school with whites? You know, in-your-face legislation like that. And the Republicans didn't want Big Government influencing morals? Because government isn't for that? Do you see how the Republicans aren't even following their OWN party line anymore?

And this GE sex-mercial. How can they stomach this? How can Molly and Peter Public who go to church every Sunday, fight the "queers" from debasing their marriage (we don't talk about Peter touching his daughter's friend's leg under the table at sleepovers), and don't let their daughter wear unseemly clothing... how do they support Bush and the Republicans and the RIght-Wing when they make a sexy commercial selling death?

I honestly don't understand how these people's mind work. I think I'll go back and paint.
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