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In which I bounce from anger to glee. And pics! And a poll!

I was SO ANGRY a bit ago. Mad mad mad. Then I got a package in the mail from anelith. She wins. Mainly because I didn't notice this when I was shopping the other day.

Okay, that helped a bit. Laughter IS the best medicine. Unless you have diabetes. Or Liver cancer. Then laughter is pants as drugs. PANTS. Or possibly culottes. Yeah, that's probably misspelled, but who cares? you WEARING them? You have larger problems, my friend.

To the.

THIS!! She found this for me:

Ha ha ha!! SQUEEZE legs together for slashing action. THIS PROVES THAT EWAN IS A BOTTOM. *points to icon* And all those fic writers have him as a top. Ha ha! NOW I AM THE MASTER, indeed.

In other news: bleh. And possibly meh. Have children over for a sleepover. Fortunately, it's with the good children down the street, so we're ordering pizza and watching Star Wars. Hooray!

And in other news: I am needing some laughter BIG TIME. Aren't you? Every one's so gloomy, predicting the end of an era, splitting off to new fandoms... FUNNY. HA HA. Where are you? I say it's time for a new parody fic. Even if YOU don't enjoy it (what are you? A robot?) I will enjoy the hell out of writing a new one. But. WHAT TO WRITE??

Poll Time!

Poll #516899 What to do, what to do!

Do you want me to:

Write a parody fic! They're hilarious!
Write more E/H! They are sew haught.
Finish that Obi/Ani fic you haven't told us about! Idiot!
Stop thinking you are all that. Bag of chips? Perhaps. But certainly not both.

I am the boss of you. Do this:

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