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In which I post recs, babble, and sundries. And TomKat has been absent for, like, THREE DAYS!

So I've had three additional kids at my house. For 72 hours. I took an hour-long nap yesterday afternoon, then went to bed at 8:00pm. Huh? And woke up at 7:00am today. I guess having those noisy shits precious angels over for so long wore me out. Am also waiting for Mr. Stoney to get home tonight from his trip to smile and THANK ME for a job-well done on the bathroom paint-job. You know what sucks? Painting behind a toilet.

Made you click. Perv.

I've been playing in a new fandom lately (seriously: where are all the good stories in Buffyverse? Where *is* everyone? crazydiamondsue?) and thought I'd post some recs if you are interested. And even though I believed RPS bothered me, I've come to the conclusion that it only bothers me in the Buffy fandom. Generally speaking. Unless it's anyone fucking Vincent Kartheiser. He can continue to be my RPS whore, kthx.

If you haven't read ros_fod's James/Vincent RPS, then what it wrong with you? One thing I like about her writing style is how distinct her characters are. And make no mistake: RPS is fiction. That help you any? Her Vincent is such a closed book - which allows for so much misunderstanding and angst on his lover's part. In this case, James. He isn't cruel, and it isn't unnecessary angst (you know the fics I'm talking about.) It's a lovely, dreamy, sunwashed bit o'fic.

Another bit of RPS glory (and it really has no sex, more like a character study, which is my favorite kind) is by phaballa, who normally writes in the HP fandom, but wrote a FANTASTIC and LITERARY-REFERENCE-FILLED fic about Hayden Chistensen riding to Hemmingway's house. karabair: I know you don't like the gay-man-sex, but this has none, and I IMMEDIATELY thought of you. I think you'll like it. Short and sweet and smart and just lovely.

Now this one is just cracktastic. Thank god. I don't "do" Viggo/Orli. Mainly because my nickname growing up (as a small child) was Orli. Now, I *LOVE* seeing Orli/VK fics because it's like they were written about meeee but I have no penis. YET. Where was I? Oh. CRACK. Ewan, Hayden, Orli, Viggo. Remodeling a house. So, I take it that Viggo is the GOD of RPS, that everyone wants to fuck him, and he's all kinds of weird. Okay. Now you're caught up. Go get some crack from my new dealer, ethrosdemon

ETA! This is a nice, short ficlet - AU, but in a very, very good way - wherein Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn never came to Tattooine in Phantom Menace, but Obi-Wan is sent there a few years later to find a slave-boy (uhhhh) that is 17, Anakin. (Oh, hits so many of my kinks.) It's PG-13, it has some lovely writerly skills present, and you should read it. By esohpe, also known as stodgey. For the record, she has been writing a lot of the fics I've really enjoyed, and my HUSBAND has enjoyed. That should mean something. SHOULD, being the operative word. :-D

ETA, uh, 3?: Holy shit. And I REALLY don't like to read sexy!Dawn, but I read this. Fuuuuuck. Dawn/Spike/Xander. Quick, hard and fucking hot. Blame poshcat. Seriously, y'all. I'm squicked by Dawn and sex, but this is GOOOOOOD.

In other news: my stalker over at is STILL trying to bring the rating of my fic to 0 because they hate RPS. And because they think Natalie and Hayden belong together 4evah, OMG!! Wow. It's like she didn't SEE the movies. For those playing the home game, this was part of the shit bugging me the other day. Bleh! Get a hobby! That, um, involves moving your ass away from the computer.

I have fallen in love with some new CDs, have a MASSIVE music post I want to put up to share the love, but it will have to wait a bit as I have a bunch of fic to get out not limited to:

  • mpreg ficathon (hee!! Oh, man, this one is cracking me up and I've only written the first paragraph. Aaaaand I'll go ahead and put my broken arm - from patting myself on the back- in a sling. JEEZ, Laura)

  • MOPEathon fics, including links to the music - whee!

  • Boss Laura Around fics - E/H, a Spuffy, Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme, and what else? OH! Parody. BUT WHAT TO PARODY!? Feel free to Boss Me here. Wheee!!!

I like to think I have a following and that I'm important. Shhh. It keeps the pills and booze to a minimum. But never gone. *sobs* Never... far... from my... reach.... [/Judy]

Also, I may be trimming my READING LIST (incorrectly called a "friends list") because of divergent interests, lack of commenting EVER over here, etc. No hard feelings. Not going to lock things down, so really, what's bugging you? GOSH! [/Napoleon] I just don't have all the time in the world (believe me, I'd be on a mountain top with a revving motorbike in the background and several hot men waiting to massage me if I had ALL the time in the world) to read the minutiae of everyone's life. BUT YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO READ MINE. Ha ha ha!! I go away now.

ETA 2: I forgot the STAPLE SAUCE. Don't forget to hit the "O" and "!" at the end. Sci-Fi Greg is my new boyfriend.
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